Indie Artist The Deep Signs with Cube Publishing for Overseas Distribution

Ciera Reeves

On February 29, singer-songwriter and producer The Deep revealed that she had signed a publishing deal with Cube. The artist clarified that she is still an independent artist, however through signing with a publishing label, she can now collect royalties through international streaming services such as Spotify. 

Previously, on February 9,  The Deep revealed that because she was an independent artist in Korea, and only a member of the domestic Korea Copyright Association (KOMCA). Thus, she could not receive payments for her music on platforms such as Spotify for overseas royalty fees -- a fact which disappointed her fans, many who are international. Fans also considered this could be the case for many other Korean independent artists. 

Through signing with Cube Publishing, the company can now help The Deep receive her overseas royalties. 

Meanwhile, The Deep released her latest EP album "Messy Room" on November 29 and featured in the song 'Dream' with DPR ARTIC which released February 2. 


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