IU Releases Quirky New MV for "Holssi"


Legendary soloist IU has made a swift return with the new music video for "Holssi"!

Following "Love Wins All" in January, "Holssi" is the second music video to be released as one of two title tracks - alongside "Shopper" - for the upcoming album "The Winning". Unlike the intense and dramatic "Love Wins All", "Holssi" takes on a lighter, more whimsical note, featuring the artists airy vocals and lyrics speaking of flying away like a spore and blooming. The video also features the appearance of Tweety Bird - a character often associated with the artist.

I’m a recklessly flying / Single spore, setting out

On a different road / Fly high to bloom

If anyone asks how I’m doing / Send them the news

“She has become a spore”

"The Winning" is set to release on Feb 20th 6pm KST with the MV for the second title track "Shopper", starring and narrated by Korean-Australian artist DPR Ian. The final music video for "Shh.." starring Chinese actress Tang Wei and featuring NewJeans' Hyein and Joe Won Sun will be released on Feb 23rd at 12am KST.

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