JTBC Teases New Female Vocal Group Survival Show "Girls on Fire"

Ciera Reeves

Broadcasting Network JTBC will launch a new girl vocal group audition show Girls on Fire, set to premiere this April. 

The show's name, "Girls on Fire," represents aspiring K-pop singers' strength and determination, embracing their unique style.

The production team was behind other JTBC audition shows, Phantom Singer (2016–) and Super Band (2019–2021).

The upcoming program will pay particular attention to potential girl group trainees' vocal skills, the company said, as it aims to form a vocal group. Among rumor contestants includes Soyeon of Laboum, NNarae of Spica, and Jieun of INY. 

The program will be hosted by comedian Jang Doyeon. Day6's Young K will be one of the judges. 

Check out the short teaser for the program. 

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