[Mini Interview] Fiery Rookies DXMON on Debut and Their Role Models

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DXMON, a vibrant new 6-member boy group signed under SSQ Entertainment banner. Comprising of exceptionally talented individuals, the group's lineup boasts MINJAE, SEITA, HEETK, REX, and JO, each bringing their unique flair and charisma to the stage.

On January 1, 2024, DXMON released their pre-debut single titled 'Burn Up'. This scintillating track quickly captivated audiences worldwide, amassing an impressive 1.3 million views on YouTube within a remarkably short period for a rookie group. The song served as a powerful precursor to the group's impending debut, setting the stage for their meteoric rise to stardom.

Marking their official debut, DXMON unleashed their highly anticipated debut mini-album titled "HYPERSPACE" on January 17. At the heart of the album lies the mesmerizing second title track 'Spark', a melodic song that ignites the listener's imagination with the thrilling feeling of being the protagonist in their own story. 

Behind their enigmatic moniker lies a profound philosophy. DXMON, pronounced as "DAI MON", draws inspiration from the Greek word 'Daimon', symbolizing the inherent drive to seize control of one's destiny and carve out a path to greatness. It embodies the group's unwavering determination to navigate the complexities of life with courage and conviction, embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and self-discovery.

With their irresistible charm and an unique look that is rare to find these days -- setting them apart from anything generic, DXMON is set up to redefine the boundaries of K-pop and leave an indelible mark on the global music scene. As they continue to grow and captivate their audiences with their flaming passion, DXMON stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the 5th generation. 

KpopWise attended a roundtable of our media peers to meet with DXMON and learn about how they feel about their recent debut. 


MINJAE: Let us introduce ourselves. 2, 3!

All: Hello, we are DXMON!

REX: Hello, my name is REX, the rapper and the visual member of DXMON.

MINJAE: Hi, my name is MINJAE and I'm the leader and the main vocalist of DXMON.

TK: Hi, my name is TK, and I'm the rapper of DXMON.

HEE: Hello, my name is HEE, the rap machine of DXMON.

JO: Hi, this is JO, the rapper and the youngest member of the group.

SEITA: Hi, my name SEITA from Japan, the vocalist of DXMON.

Q: How would each one of you describe the feeling of debut? ― Vamos Falar de Pop

REX: For me, it was like fire.

MINJAE: I see it as an explosive, as the process of debut felt like we were hidden somewhere and then burst forth, making a powerful impact.

TK: I view it as a result, as it is a fruit of our hard work during our time as trainees.

HEE: Excitement.' The debut was very exciting for me as it allowed me to showcase what I've prepared during my days as a trainee and thoroughly enjoy the stage with the fans.

JO: I was very emotional. It was a very touching experience that now I'm able to present to our fans and the public what I've worked hard for as a trainee.

SEITA: I choose the word, beginning, to describe my debut.

Q: How do you deal with the responsibility of debuting so young? ー Vamos Falar de Pop

JO: Being young, I believe we have the confidence to navigate through challenges. We are committed to giving our best, with the dream to become superb artists as time progresses and we gain more experience.

KW: Are there any artists that you looked up to when you were growing up?

REX: I highly respect Felix from Stray Kids.

MINJAE: For me, it is Baekhyun from EXO.

TK: I respect Minhyuk from BTOB.

HEE: I look up to ATEEZ.

JO: As an idol, I really respect NCT. I also personally look up to Pharrell Williams as well.

SEITA: I respect BTS.

Can you tell me your favorite memory from your training as DXMON?

REX: The CEO provided us with the opportunity to visit the U.S. and Japan, where we had the chance to learn from various instructors. I really enjoyed the learning experience and the time spent with all of them.

Closing Remarks

MINJAE: We won't forget your love and interest. We hope you look forward to seeing us evolve, and we will always give our best.


You can catch DXMON's blazing performances on music show stages.

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