NOMAD Makes Highly Anticipated Debut with 1st EP "NOMAD"

On February 28, the highly anticipated new boy group NOMAD has made their debut after a series of released track videos off of their first EP album the self-titled "NOMAD" over the span of two months, bringing much excitement for their debut. The members of NOMAD ( DOY, SANGHA, ONE, RIVR, and JUNHO ) are all talented individuals with singing, rapping, dancing, and songwriting skills. 

The seven track EP, with songs all written by NOMAD's leader DOY, includes a hitmaker lineup of composers including Cha Cha Malone, The Aristocratz, Chikk, Moon Kim, DK, Damon Sharpe, and more. 

'No pressure' is a song that contains in the lyrics the story of leader DOY's efforts to debut with the members, 'In the end, there is learning in everything, so no matter how difficult it is, you must endure adversity to become a shining diamond. It contains the message, ‘You can become.’ 

'No Pressure' Music Video 

The music video for the second title track 'California Love' will be released soon. In the meantime, you can check out NOMAD's debut showcase performances.

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