OHL Releases Performance Video For Single '0'

Ciera Reeves

On February 13, seven-piece dance vocal group OHL premiered a performance video of their new song '0' (Zero) which revealed at their sold-out third anniversary concert in January 29. The choreography is by choreographer KANU, who is known for his powerful compositions for NCT DREAM and other local and international artists.

OHL's new song "0" is created by member GEN, who takes on the role of lyricist, composer, recording, mixing, and mastering, serving as the overall producer. Member SHURU contributed to the production of the rap section. The choreography is a collaboration between choreographer KANU, known for his expertise in creating powerful compositions for both domestic and international artists, including NCT DREAM, and OHL members RYUSEI and NAO. Both the music and the live performance of the song exude a sense of a new challenge for the seven members.

OHL “0” Performance Video

Message from KANU choreographer)

Hi,  I'm KANU.

This time, I had the privilege of choreographing OHL's "0." Aligning with the title of the song, I incorporated a lot of choreography that involves drawing circles with fingers and creating circles with the whole body.

When I first listened to the song, I noticed a beautiful blend of delicate and captivating vocals that highlight the members' sensitive side, as well as powerful rap lines that bring out their masculine energy. I wanted to create dance moves that match this dynamic by capturing the right level of intensity.

During the vocal parts, I made sure not to make the movements too intense, while on the other hand, I injected a lot of hip-hop energy during the rap parts.

My favorite part is the dance break, where I subtly incorporated the numbers from 4 to 0 within the choreography. I would be delighted if you pay attention to that.

Thank you!

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