[Photo Gallery] ODD EYE CIRCLE in Fort Worth

Though the echoes of their electrifying performance may have faded, the memory of ODD EYE CIRCLE's "Volume Up" tour stop in Fort Worth, Texas, on January 22nd, 2024, undoubtedly still burns bright for fans. The iconic Will Rogers Auditorium became a vibrant stage for the K-Pop powerhouses, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry, as they unleashed their musical magic on a captivated audience.

Imagine the energy – a wave of cheers and singing along to the songs as the trio took over the stage. The captivating stage presence and magnetic energy come through with a setlist brimming with hits from their acclaimed "Version Up" album, solo songs, and including an English version of Loonatic. 

While the curtain may have closed on ODD EYE CIRCLE's Fort Worth show, the memories and emotions it ignited continue to resonate, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their next Texas return. Check out our photo gallery of the concert here! 

All photography by Estefania Rosario @estefaniawithluv

Ciera Reeves

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