Vocal Boy Group Survival Show 'Build Up' Reveals Final Lineup of Group B.D.U


On Friday, March 29, the finale of Mnet's vocal boy group survival show Build Up aired revealing the final winners who will debut as a new group. 

Build Up is a boy group survival project that selects the strongest four-member vocal combination to debut as a complete vocal group. 40 Korean idol groups and solo vocalists applied, allowing viewers to form the strongest vocal combination.

Three teams went head to head for the final performances, while they collected votes from Korean and international fans. The final three teams were 'The Partners' consisting of Park Jeup, Bain, Lee Donghun, and Jeon Woong, team 'WATERFIRE' Seonyoul, Kang Hayoon, WooMuti, and Choi Suhwan, and 'Hunmin Jaybit' consisting of Jay Chang, Bitsaeon, Seunghoon, and Kim Minseo.

As a result, the final winner was 'Hunmin Jaybit' with 471 points in pre-show one-team voting and 947 points in live one-team voting, with a total of 1,418 points. Meanwhile 'The Partners' came in second with 1,169 total points. 

‘Hunmin Jaybit’ member Seungwoo said, “I am so grateful to the members who came to support me, and I am grateful to the fans who repaid me with love and support without any doubt. I plan to do my best with what I have been given. I am so grateful to the ‘Hunmin Jaybit’ team members who were with me. “Thank you to the build-up crew,” he said.

Jay Chang said, “I had a lot of fun during the build-up, and it was so much fun competing with people who are so good at singing. Family and friends, thank you for your support. Thank you for supporting our beloved members. “I will continue to show you great performances,” he said.

Team leader Bitsaeon said, “As we have been given the first place position, I will show you a more built-up and cool appearance. “Thank you,” Kim Minseo also said, adding, “I will become a great singer who repays the favor with a better stage.”

'Partners', who took second place, gave their thoughts. Park Jeup said, “I am so grateful because it seems like many things are being built up through build-up. It's a pity. “But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop singing, so we’d be grateful if you could support us by looking for our four songs.”

The winning team, now called 'B.D.U', received a prize of 100,000 won, will be given the opportunity to actively participate in domestic and global tours as well as release music and albums for two years. They will also take the stage at 'KCON JAPAN 2024', which will be held at Makuhari Messe and Zojo Marine Stadium in Chiba Prefecture, Japan from Friday, May 10th to Sunday, May 12th.

Immediately after the day's broadcast, the official community of 'Build-up' winning team B.D.U opened. Members can communicate with global fans through various contents and events in the Plus Chat community.

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