[Concert Review] OMEGA X Finally Landed in Seoul for First Concert

Ciera Reeves

OMEGA X, held their first solo concert in Korea "Island: Finally We Landed" 

As per their agency, IPQ, OMEGA X united with their fans at the "2024 OMEGA X CONCERT in SEOUL 〈ISLAND : FINALLY WE LANDED〉" hosted at the expansive auditorium of Sookmyung Women's University on February 24 and 25. The concert also livestreamed globally through FLNK with English subtitles on February 25, with a replay available from March 15 through March 22. 

This event holds profound significance as it signifies OMEGA X's premiere domestic solo concert, arriving three years post their debut. Over the span of two days, the seats were not only filled by local enthusiasts but also by a multitude of global admirers, underscoring OMEGA X's widespread international acclaim.

Bathed in intense lighting of vibrant red hues, OMEGA X commenced the concert with electrifying rendition of  "VAMOS," and eliciting fervent responses from the audience. Speaking of the audience, the dress code for the audience was to wear green. The members commented that FOR X looked like a forest. 

Beyond enthralling with special unit performances, they reimagined various cover songs in their signature style, sparking passionate reactions from their loyal fanbase.

Moreover, OMEGA X showcased their versatility by actively participating in the concert's entire production, encompassing arrangement, choreography, and direction, thereby showcasing their multifaceted talents. Notably, members featured in the hilarious bridge video 'OX 상사' in which they undertook roles as eccentric job office workers.

Despite the relentless excitement on stage, OMEGA X delivered seamless harmonies and unwavering live performances, augmenting the concert's integrity with a diverse setlist. Alongside their dynamic tracks like "Louder," "OMEGA X," "LOVE ME LIKE," "JUNK FOOD," and "PLAY DUMB,"" Baila con migo" they unveiled unreleased gems "Burden" and "BROKER" for the first time, to the surprise of fans.

Jaechan, XEN, and Hwichan covered 'Time of our lives' by DAY6. Kevin, Hyuk, Jehyun, XEN, and Hangyeom performed a dance cover of 'Ditto' by NewJeans. They performed the song 'Younger' with crowd participation, interacting with FOR X, getting them to sing-along, taking selfies, and hi-fives.

Subsequent to the concert, OMEGA X conveyed their gratitude through IPQ, expressing, "It has been a long journey to hold a solo concert in Korea. We have eagerly awaited this moment, and our members have exerted immense effort. We are grateful and delighted that FOR X enjoyed it. Standing on this stage today is thanks to the steadfast support from FOR X. We wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude and love. OMEGA X's 11 members will stand together until the end, and we hope FOR X will continue to stand by us as they do now." The concert concluded with the song 'ISLAND' and the group said their goodbyes. 

Having successfully concluded world tours across eight cities in the United States and Mexico, followed by a fan concert in Japan, OMEGA X has no doubt demonstrated their global popularity and potential and perseverance. With their premiere domestic solo concert post-debut, they have showcased polished stage presence and enhanced skills, cementing their status as a "growth-oriented idol." Anticipation runs high for their forthcoming endeavors as they persist in captivating audiences worldwide.

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