DAY6 Returns with 8th Mini Album "Fourever" and Announces Concert

DAY6 has finally returned with new music after completion of military hiatus. The eighth mini album "Fourever" and title song 'Welcome to the Show' released on March 18, 2024.

DAY6's members, Sungjin, Young K, and Dowoon, were discharged from the military with Wonpil as the last member discharged in winter 2023.  "Fourever," which is the 8th mini album which has been released about 3 years after the previous work "The Book of Us: Negentropy - Chaos" is a meaningful milestone in the music journey and a music album that will add strength to DAY6's continuing journey. 

The upbeat, explosive album displays what DAY6 does best: blending pop, rock, and more through incredible melodies, captivating lyrics, and musicianship that demonstrates the true talent DAY6 possesses. The album kicks off with title track 'Welcome to the Show,' which gives a nod to post-Britpop sound, and serves as a re-introduction to DAY6. Coinciding with the album, the group also released a music video for the hard-hitting track that encapsulates the message and energy of the song.

Following the title song 'Welcome to the Show', the album includes  'HAPPY', 'The Power of Love', and 'Get The Hell Out'. ), 'Only I'm a Sad Ending', 'Let Me Love You', and 'I Didn't Know It Was Your Love', with their names embroidered on the credits of all 7 songs in the new album, completing an album full of the group's original emotions. The group’s bassist and vocalist, Young K, receives writing credits on each song having crafted the lyrics, with additional members, WONPIL and SUNGJIN, also receiving composition credits on the album. composer Hong Ji-sang, who has worked with DAY6 for a long time, joined forces and helped create a masterpiece.

Additionally DAY6 has announced their 3-day concert which will be held in person and on April 12 - 14 with Beyond Live on April 14.

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