[Exclusive Interview] VANNER Prove their Determination and Strong Bond with "CAPTURE THE FLAG"

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Determined, ambitious, inspiring, and immensely talented are a few adjectives that describe this one group that continues to elevate themselves with captivating performances, and unwavering passion for music. VANNER, has released their latest EP, "CAPTURE THE FLAG," on January 30. The EP is poised to showcase a new chapter in VANNER's journey and ambition as artists.

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 "CAPTURE THE FLAG," includes a total of six tracks, that are a testament to VANNER's versatility, including the title track, the adrenaline-pumping 'JACKPOT', 'PONYTAIL (KOR Ver.)', 'After Party', 'Be My Love', 'CIRCUIT', and 'Across The Stars. The mini album was created with a collaboration of an all-star lineup of songwriters and producers including the members. "CAPTURE THE FLAG" has surpassed their previous EP "VENI VIDI VICI" in album sales, proving that VANNER continues to capture the hearts of fans who are growing in numbers. 

'Jackpot' Music Video

In an exclusive interview, we explore the inspiration behind their latest release, their growth as artists, and their hopes for the future. From their humble beginnings to their meteoric rise in the industry, VANNER has overcome obstacles and challenges, emerging stronger and more determined than ever before.

Congratulations on your latest album "CATURE THE FLAG"! Can you tell us about the concept behind this album and how it reflects your group's identity and growth?

TAEHWAN: The album contains the journey to find another jackpot of VANNER, which extends the previous album. And we upgraded our performance and live technique to show you, our different appearance than before.

GON: We made this concept out of members' friendship, desperation, and love being a result and hit the jackpot!

The group’s identity aims to plant the flag of victory towards the top of the music industry, and this album captures more charisma and sexiness compared to our previous album.

HYESUNG: Through this album, we returned with further musical maturity and solid choreography, and live performances.

SUNGKOOK: We contain our story after ‘VENI VIDI VICI’ which was released last August. In this album, you can catch a glimpse of the friendship among the members who embarked on a journey. So, please show a lot of love.

YEONGGWANG: This album contains aspirations to raise the victory flag higher with deep friendship among the members. Like the title track “JACKPOT,” we aim to hit the jackpot in the music industry.

How does "Capture the Flag" differ from your previous releases in terms of musical style and lyrical themes?

TAEHWAN: There were many new things we’ve tried vocally and performance-wise. Once listening to this album, you can feel that VANNER has these kinds of styles too.

GON: It’s different in having more charisma and sexiness, musically.

HYESUNG: VANNER’s color matured in this album which adds joy to listening.

SUNGKOOK: If we showed our thirst and passion in our last albums, this theme shows how we achieved certain things so far and how we are never giving up and keep reaching for the goal.

YEONGGWANG: The title “JACKPOT” holds VANNER’s story from our debut year 2019 and you can hear the story in the song.

Can you share any challenges you encountered while preparing for this comeback?

TAEHWAN: Out of all the performances we’ve done this was the hardest and singing live with a little injury was a bit difficult. I did overcome it with lots of practice and experience.

GON: The biggest challenge would be trying to have a stable live performance while dancing to a strong choreography.

HYESUNG: I practiced mainly trying to act and hold the vibe “JACKPOT” portrays, which was the most challenging.

SUNGKOOK: The dance. We wanted to show a more upgraded level.

YEONGGWANG: I would have to be the dance. There is a meowing choreography part that I hope many people follow.

The album contains a variety of tracks. Do you have a favorite song or a particular track that holds special meaning to you? If so, why?

TAEHWAN: My favorite is “After Party”. This song portrays VANNER’s new style of vocals which is very new to us and hope it is for the fans.

GON: It would have to be “CIRCUIT” since I participated in the lyrics.

HYESUNG: I really like “PONYTAIL”. This song was released in Japan first, and we were able to record a Korean version. I personally like this genre of music.

SUNGKOOK: I do love all the songs but my favorite is “After Party”. The trendiness and the natural vibe fit the style that I like.

Of course, I love all the songs but my favorite is “Be My Love”. It was written by BTOB HYUNSIK who I adore and it expresses love for VVS.

What was the production process like for this album? Did you work with any new producers or songwriters?

TAEHWAN: We were able to work with PENTAGON HUI, WOOSEOK, and BTOB HYUNSIK. To be in the same room with such high respected and honorable people was such a great time. Since they are in the same scene with us their advice and understanding was a great feedback to study.

GON: Working with professional producers, I was able to learn more skilled and trendy ways of recording, and we had the honor to be able to work with PENTAGON HUI, WOOSEOK, and BTOB HYUNSIK.

HYESUNG: We met with PENTAGON HUI, WOOSEOK, and BTOB HYUNSIK and it was so joyful to learn from them during the work.

SUNGKOOK: It was an honor to be able to work with PENTAGON HUI, WOOSEOK, and BTOB HYUNSIK who I’ve respected for a long time.

YEONGGWANG: PENTAGON HUI and WOOSEOK wrote “JACKPOT” and they helped us understand the song easily and gave good directions while recording which made the production smooth.

Can you tell us a funny moment when filming the music video?

TAEHWAN: There was a scene where I had to put out the fire, and I was supposed to put it out with a blanket, but as an adlib I used my jacket to put it out. Which had the buttons flying everywhere.

GON: There was a scene where I had to act a little with a foreign actor and he really liked to dance and danced with us during the shoot. It was so much fun.

HYESUNG: All the moments were so fun and memorable.

We had to shoot for a couple of days straight, and staying in hotels nearby was fun.

In the last scene where GON had to carry the money case and run, I actually fell over someone’s leg. It was pretty funny but it didn’t make the music video…!

VVS think that you are so handsome and captivating on stage. When do you feel the most handsome?

TAEHWAN: I think I look the most handsome late at night.

GON: When I’m focusing as an artist on stage and music.

HYESUNG: I think I am when standing on the stage.

Before bed, when I wash my face and with lotion on.

YEONGGWANG: After the stage when all the bloatness is out, I look the most handsome.

If you could have a mascot doll, which animal would your doll be?

TAEHWAN: A dog, our fans mention in the most.

GON: A dinosaur or a cat.

HYESUNG: A tiger.

SUNGKOOK: Either a chinchilla or a dog.

YEONGGWANG: A dog because they give off the most comfort and friendliness.

You recently celebrated 5 years of debut (February 14), congratulations! How does it feel?

TAEHWAN: A lot has happened over the years and I’m glad to be on stage with our members for a long time.

GON: Thank you! I’m mostly thankful to our fans for their love and support.

HYESUNG: I think that it’s just the beginning. I hope to have our 50th anniversary with our members and our fans.

SUNGKOOK: I do feel that time has passed by fast, and want to thank our fans and members for being with me.

YEONGGWANG: I want to thank VVS for letting us have this 5th anniversary and thank our members for making it this far.

Finally, do you have any special plans or goals you'd like to achieve with "Capture the Flag," fan engagement, or personal growth as artists?

TAEHWAN: We hope to get closer to the public people and #1 in music shows.

GON: I want to personally upgrade my skills in singing and dancing.

I want to improve and mature one more step.

SUNGKOOK: Talent-wise, and personality-wise, I hope to improve as an artist.

YEONGGWANG: I hope to show lots of new images of VANNER with this album. We are having our first concert this year and hope you are all ready for it!


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