Highlight Releases 5th Mini Album "Switch On"


Highlight (Yoon Doojun, Yang Yoseop, Lee Kikwang, Son Dongwoon) released their fifth mini album "Switch On"  on March 11, with the title song 'BODY.'

BODY' is a sensuous house-style song that contains a confession of love, saying, 'The time with you at this moment is the most precious.' It was a genre that Highlight had never tried before, and expectations were high even before its release. 

'BODY' is a harmonious combination of the pleasant whistle sound, the grooved electric bass sound, and the four members' uniquely attractive voices. "Shake your body your body your body right Don't let it get to your mind Shake your body your body your body right We're gonna party tonight alright."

'BODY' Music Video 

Highlight as a group shows a wide musical spectrum and has both fandom and popularity, has chose another genre through 'BODY'. Even after their 15th debut anniversary, Highlight continues to try new things and show off their unique potential.

Meanwhile, the album includes 5 new tracks including 'BODY,' 'Switch On' 'Feel Your Love' (48.5Hertz), 'How to Love', and 'In My Head.' Member Kikwang also participated in songwriting and composition of songs. 

Listen to "Switch On" 

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