King Gnu to Livestream Dome Tour “THE GREATEST UNKNOWN” TOUR FINAL

Ciera Reeves


Sony Music Solutions Inc. will live stream King Gnu Dome Tour “THE GREATEST UNKNOWN” TOUR FINAL in Sapporo Dome on the online entertainment platform Stagecrowd for international audiences.

For the first time ever, King Gnu Japan Dome Tour “THE GREATEST UNKNOWN”b kicked off at Kyocera Dome in Osaka. As a Japanese band, this dome tour has become the fastest in history and attracted the highest number of attendees. All the shows have been completely sold out, and they have been incredibly successful, with enthusiastic fans creating a whirlwind of excitement. After all these unforgettable moments, the final show of the tour will take place on March 23rd Saturday at Sapporo Dome in Hokkaido. It will be live-streamed to 20 countries worldwide and available on Stagecrowd.

Live Streaming
[Open] 2024.3.23 (Sat)15:00(JST) [Start] 2024.3.23 (Sat)16:00(JST)
[Open] 2024.3.22 (Fri)23:00(PDT) [Start] 2024.3.23 (Sat) 00:00(PDT)

Archive Streaming
2024.3.24 (Sun)12:00(JST)~2024.3.31 (Sun)23:59(JST)
2024.3.23 (Sat)20:00(PDT)~2024.3.31 (Sun)7:59(PDT)

Stagecrowd is a video streaming platform operated by Sony Music Solutions Inc. that offers a wide array of solution services under Sony Music Group creating a multidimensional and diversified business in entertainment in Japan. Stagecrowd is the only one record company-operated video streaming platform in Japan. Launched in June 2020, Stagecrowd becomes a global platform operating in 19 countries and regions in addition to Japan and streams domestic and international events. It has streamed over 1,000 events in Japan since its launch. Its high-resolution video and audio streaming is highly reputed.

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