Leader of MBLAQ Yang Seungho Releases Solo Debut "Lost Things" Under New Name Leni.M

Yang Seungho, the leader and lead vocalist of the 2nd generation boy group MBLAQ has changed his name to Leni.M and has made his solo debut with the release of Lost Things on March 22.

The name Leni or "Lenny" is recognized as a particularly good name for people who are active and radiate positive energy, meanwhile the M, represents MBLAQ, for the love of the group, fans, and past experiences that will always be apart of him. 

Leni.M who has talents in various fields such as acting, dance, and piano as well as music, makes a new comeback as a solo musician artist through M.R.P. Entertainment and Alomalo Humane Entertainment's "Music in Motion Project" to explore the artistic aspect more deeply.

Leni.M stated, "Through this project, we will break away from Yang Seungho, a member of the idol group, and build an artistic world unique to Leni.M"

“Music in Motion Project” is a project that symbolically represents the rapidly evolving nature of music and video content through the fusion of music and visual elements. “Music in Motion Project” reflects current trends and technological developments while promising an innovative and exciting experience for long-time fans and new audiences.

Leni.M released his first single, a ballad called "Lost Things" along with an over 4 minute teaser film, leaving us expectant of what's to come. 

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