PURPLE KISS Bring on the Bad Behavior with 6th Mini Album "BXX"

PURPLE KISS, the 4th generation girl group that has always shown diverse performances and an unique world of music, has comeback with the release of their 6th mini album "BXX" on March 19. 

BXX  is an abbreviation for Best Friends Forever, BFF, where FF is converted to XX, and captures the loyalty and friendship of the six members with XX chromosomes. This album, which combines various personalities, allows you to fully enjoy the free and hip energy of PURPLE KISS.

The title song 'BBB' is a song that contains free vocals and hip sensibility over strong bass and minimal trap beats. It is a song that tells the story of those who have been forced to be good and have turned colorless, and who are willing to become villains who face the world to regain their colorful colors. Rather than dreaming of romance or fantasy, it depicts PURPLE KISS with confidence and a more grounded and proactive attitude of facing reality and seeking change.

The music video maximizes the keywords of the album by capturing the image of a mischievous villain through unique camera angles and vivid CG, and includes actions such as hanging from a basketball hoop or playing with paint on each other, which are not crimes but are difficult to understand based on common sense. It delivers a message of freedom and confidence to people who are oppressed by society.

'BBB' Music Video

In addition, a total of 6 songs are included, 'Intro: Crush', which has a unique sensibility by combining PURPLE KISS' sophisticated vocals with a refreshing sound. 'BITTER SWEET', which tells the story that love is always accompanied by joy and sadness, like sweet yet bitter dark chocolate. Member Goeun's self-composed song 'Voyager', which is expressed metaphorically. Another self-composed song by Goeun, 'Toy Boy' of the hip-hop R&B genre, and 'Heart Attack', a self-composed song by member Chaein, centered on a synthesizer reminiscent of a pounding heartbeat.

Listen to BXX

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