[Album Review] Tomorrow X Together Capture the Beauty of Tomorrow with New Album "minisode 3: Tomorrow"


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There are plenty of 4th generation boy groups out there; in fact, over 300 reportedly have debuted and are making their mark across the industry. However, one group in particular has done an excellent job at carving out their own identity that has a clear narrative, and with a creative flair for sound. In 2019, Tomorrow x Together made a unique debut, whilst many groups spent time out on the road touring and making connections with their fanbase. TXT had to wait for those big moments to finally meet their fandom MOA. Due to COVID-19 it took them until 2021 to finally get their own full-length concert and tour complete with lightstick.

Jump to 1st April and the group have released their brand new album "minisode 3: TOMORROW." Adding to the latest in the minisode album narrative, the boys were more involved in the writing and producing process.

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The first track 'I’ll See You There Tomorrow' has a glorious 00’s club feeling, although the synth can be a little louder than needed. It doesn't overpower the track too much. Once again demonstrating just how powerful those vocals are, allowing each member to have their moments of glory whilst still sounding like a cohesive unit.


The chosen title track 'Deja Vu' is nothing short of magical, leader Soobin’s vocals evokes such emotion, that you find yourself wondering why you find yourself so connected to the raw sorrow he produces. Whilst all five members participate on the first verse it deserves recognition for their techniques. Alongside incredible vocals, the group should also be praised for their intense choreography in which they stay true to their craft evident in the music video that was released in tandem with the album. It’s the chorus that truly shines and those glorious harmonies arise that will have you singing that same chorus over and over.

With a clear theme of appreciating life, track 'Miracle' has the focus on living in the moment and cherishing the small things. Perhaps something they've experienced on their rise to the top. Vocalist Taehyun expressed in their showcase their need to capture the now Some things are precious, but invisible to the eye, we forget them as life passes by 'Miracle could be a way for us to remember to live in the moment and not keep chasing for the next day. At the end of the day, we thought of tomorrow or the future – the fact that you always get a new tomorrow seemed like another miracle to us,” he added. 

In contrast to their previous album 2023’s "The Name Chapter:Freefall" this one feels more suited to the group, whereas the title tracks felt like a push towards the western market. This time they’ve gone back to their fairy-tale-lore concepts they are so well loved for. With a track list of 7 songs they’ve also broken free from the instrumentals and many remixes that many K-pop groups seem to emulate in their comeback. Instead one remix includes title track Deja Vu, but it sounds fresh and has a unique spin rather than a rehashing of the original which makes for an enjoyable listen.

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The beauty of this release is there are more subunit tracks, such as 'The Killa (I Belong To You)' which leader Soobin and vocalist Yeonjun have collaborated as songwriters. Clearly inspired by UK garage and afrobeats, the song radiates seductiveness. Together combined they smoulder revealing a mature side. One must remember that these are men in their 20’s it would be foolish to think they’d be stuck in fairy-tale fantasies in neverland forever.

TXT is a group that consistently stick to what they know best. With a promise of a bright future, looking for the positives, and what a new day can bring with a hope for tomorrow. In my opinion, this is their strongest and best release to date. 

Listen to minisode 3: Tomorrow

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