[Concert Review] ONEUS Brings the Sizzling Heat to Orlando

Photo Cr. Cheyenne Chong // KpopWise

Closing out the month of March and their seventh U.S. tour stop, ONEUS brings the heat to Orlando, Florida. The 5-member boy group have one of the most electric nights with their fans, TOMOON, in the Walt Disney Theatre of the Dr. Phillips Center. 

ONEUS is known for their diverse abilities not only amongst their members, but in their overall music style as well. Starting the show with their most recent Spanish-inspired title track, 'Baila Conmingo,' fans know they are in for a night of lore and rhythms meant for getting lost in the movement. As fans follow the story of ONEUS's La Dolce Vita throughout the night, they witness story pieces yet to be told and end the show in unexpected thrill. 

Members LEEDO, SEOHO, HWANWOONG, and XION show off how multi-faceted they are shifting effortlessly between dance, vocals, and rap. And third-eldest member, KEONHEE, is no exception as he brings the heat in his powerful vocals, smooth dance moves, and enthusiastic fan interactions. Hearing Leedo transition from a baritone/bass rap verse to a tenor vocal verse or feeling the soundwaves Seoho creates in every one of his lengthy high notes, is truly a unique and goosebump-inducing experience. 

The mens' talents aren't the only attributes they bring to the stage. The members' warm and silly personalities win hearts over every time. Spending moments with TOMOON to sing a bit of acapella versions of discography not on the setlist, is a highlight of the evening. 

This second world tour also brings the members face-to-face with TOMOONs through multiple VIP options to meet the members or grab a group photo with them. A nearly indescribable experience, ONEUS concerts continue to be a heartfelt yet fun adventure at every turn. 

While the U.S. portion of the tour comes to a close on Wednesday, April 10 in California, fans will want to keep an eye on the group and their future endeavors as they’ve already teased an upcoming comeback and are sure to bring more magical music and love to the world once again. 

See more from the ONEUS in Orlando in the photo gallery below:

All Photo Credits: Cheyenne Chong

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