DOYOUNG of NCT Makes Solo Album Debut with "YOUTH"


NCT’s DOYOUNG releases his first-ever solo album, “YOUTH”. The highly anticipated debut album encapsulates the array of emotions experienced in the throes of youth and is available now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and more. Listen to “YOUTH – The 1st Album” HERE.

‘Little Light’, the focus track of the project, is an appealing band song with intense guitar riffs, where DOYOUNG's powerful yet delicate vocal variations maximize the song's refreshing charm. The lyrics, expressing the hope that one's small light can become a ray of strength for someone else, deliver courage to DOYOUNG himself and to listeners. 

‘Little Light’ Music Video

DOYOUNG kicks off the album by sincerely pouring his excitement and sincerity towards music into his self-penned song ‘Beginning’, which marks his first credit on the album. He also co-wrote ‘From Little Wave’, a track in which he equates how light, sand, and even footprints grow in their symbolic beauty when in front of the sea and wholeheartedly reveals his gratitude to the fans who always allow him shine brighter when they’re by his side. 

Moreover, ‘Time Machine (feat. TAEYEON, MARK)’ is a medium-tempo pop ballad highlighting the different emotions of lovers facing separation. DOYOUNG, TAEYEON, and MARK’s vocals blend seamlessly over acoustic guitar sounds. In ‘Serenade’, DOYOUNG's warm vocals convey the desire of becoming the only one for the person he loves.

The album also includes a heartfelt ballad track, ‘Rewind’, that expresses the poignant desire to go back to the final moment of a breakup and undo the parting. ‘Warmth’ delivers a message of hope, portraying how a small light in life's dark and difficult moments can become the hope to move forward.

Additionally, ‘Lost In California’ powerfully communicates the whirlwind of loneliness and fear felt on the path toward one's dreams. With the modern rock genre track, ‘Rest’, DOYOUNG cheerfully comforts the youth of this generation who are living through difficult days, reassuring them that it’s okay to take a break when things get tough. Finally, in ‘Dallas Love Field’, where the soaring guitar riffs capture the ears, DOYOUNG extends his gratitude to everyone who has been with him on his own journey through youth.

Over the years, DOYOUNG has established himself as a distinctive vocalist and an exceptional artist, showcasing his outstanding vocal ability and remarkable sensitivity through his involvement in team projects such as NCT, NCT 127, and NCT DOJAEJUNG, as well as numerous OSTs and collaboration tracks. As the 'Representative Vocalist of K-Pop', he has firmly secured his position. Now, with the musical competence he has steadily built over the past eight years, he welcomes a new era and a fresh start as a solo artist.

In addition, this album features the participation of renowned musicians such as NCT's MARK, Girls' Generation's TAEYON, KENZIE, LUCY’s Wonsang Cho, Donghwan Seo, Kangta, Joohyoung Lee (MonoTree), Cloud, and more. Together, they have created an album that maximizes DOYOUNG's vocals and emotions, enriching it with their expertise and contributions.


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