ENHYPEN Features in D'ICON Vol. 19 "(tw(EN-)ty years old"


D'ICON has announced the launch of its latest offering – a special volume for fans of the popular K-Pop group ENHYPEN. This limited edition volume is a must-have for any fan of the group and includes exclusive photo cards featuring the group's members. Pre-sale is available now here.

The D'ICON Vol. 19 ENHYPEN edition features a collection of high-quality photo cards that showcase the members of the group as well as other items like posters. stickers, and other unique keepsakes. With 10 versions, fans can choose between individual members or three subunits, each with their own items.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Fans can also enter to win tickets to see ENHYPEN on their U.S. tour by showing proof of their purchase. More information is available here.

The D'ICON’s ENHYPEN edition is available for pre-order now on the D'ICON website. Fans of the group are urged to act quickly, as this limited edition volume is sure to sell out fast. With its stunning photo cards and high-quality materials, this photocard box is the perfect way for fans to show their support for the group. For more information on the D'ICON ENHYPEN photo card volume and other K-Pop merchandise offerings, visit the D'ICON website. dicon-us.com

Ciera Reeves

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