[Exclusive Interview] Introducing NOMAD: Korea's Newest Sensation


NOMAD (Need Our Microphone And Dances) is a 5-member boy group signed under NOMAD Entertainment. DOY, Sangha, ONE, RIVR, and Junho comprise the talented lineup of the group. Their debut EP, also titled "NOMAD," was released on February 28th, 2024, marking their entry into the K-pop scene. With their energetic performances and compelling music, NOMAD is poised to captivate audiences worldwide.

I recently had the pleasure to speak to NOMAD for KpopWise before their debut EP was released.

Hello, NOMAD! Thank you for taking the time to speak to me for KpopWise. Can each of you introduce yourselves individually and shed light on the roles you fulfill within the group?

Hello. We are NOMAD.

Doy: This is Doy, the producer and leader.

Sangha: This is Sangha, the older brother of the team and the person in charge of NOMAD’s smile.

One: I am passionate and always work hard in the middle between the older line and the youngest

RIVR: This is RIVR, the youngest member of the team who wants to become an all-rounder.

Junho: This is Junho, the youngest line member who wants to be main vocalist of the team.

Can you tell us about the creative process behind your debut EP album, and how you decided on the themes and concepts for the songs?

We are free to share our opinions with the company when deciding on something, not just concepts or
themes. The concept, title, album design, and music video of this album also show [our influence]. In the first album and music video, [we wanted] to convey the image and style of NOMAD that is music minded and not focused only on visuals.

Your pre-released performance video for "Lights on" garnered a lot of attention. How do you feel about the response, and what do you think sets NOMAD apart in the highly competitive Korean music scene?

Thank you again for the interest and support from many fans in many countries for our first released song ‘Lights on’. As already known, ‘Lights on’ samples Aaliyah's ‘More Than A Woman’.

We wanted to convey the identity of NOMAD's music and performance through musical inspiration.

As the lyrics contain confidence and boldness, ‘If we sing and dance well, everyone will take pictures of us,’ it is a song that exactly resembles the team’s concept of ‘Need Our Microphone And Dances’, so it was released as the first song before debut.

The question asking us to predict the reaction in the Korean K-POP market is a bit difficult to judge
right now.

We will be able to tell you more accurately once we start broadcasting.

The "Eye 2 eye" lyric video showcased a different side of NOMAD. How do you approach blending different musical genres, such as R&B and Hip-Hop, to create a unique sound for your group?

"Eye 2 Eye" is one of the songs that represents the R&B and Hip-hop crossover in our album. It's a unique song that can deliver hip hop in sweet whispers while singing the rap melodically like an R&B genre. What's more, it's a song that Cha cha Malone produced very well.


What specific message do you aim to convey to your fans through the collective musical
expression of NOMAD?

Our music is R&B, hip hop and easy listening. The first EP is composed of songs about the love experienced by those in their 20s and the bright future they will create for themselves. In itself, it is a story and message from NOMAD.

"Automatic" is your most recent lyric video. What messages or emotions are you hoping your audience will take away from this particular song, and how does it contribute to the overall narrative of NOMAD's musical journey?

"Automatic" is a song that contains the message that feelings of Love are natural.

We think it is a song that shows the direction of the musical journey of pursuing naturalness because the lyrics were written honestly enough for everyone to sympathize with in the moment of falling in love.

Debuting in February 2024 is an exciting milestone. What are your expectations for the future, and how do you envision NOMAD evolving in the dynamic landscape of the Korean music industry?

Nomad wants to be considered as an artist who is music-minded and limited to one genre,and has a lot of music to play. So, despite our pre-debut, we pre-released five tracks. [In short], we want to become a new wave in the Korean Korean music industry.

In your creative journey, have there been musicians, past or present, whose work has significantly influenced and inspired you along the way?

Doy: The artist I was musically influenced by [the most] is BIGBANG, the k-pop artist. They were artists who led an era and I think they still have a lot of influence enough to be talked about. However, I think there are so many elements that can be inspired musically. Every artist's work has different things to learn, and I try to learn as much as possible, and I turn the good parts into my own.

Among them (BIGBANG), our other role models are ASAP Rocky and Travis Scott...In the case of Jay-Z, I respect him too a lot for helping people grown in the music industry.

NOMAD aims to be self-producing artists, creating their own music, fashion, and choreography. Can you elaborate on the group's creative process and how each member contributes to this holistic approach?

Since all members share their opinions together, it can be said that all members contribute to the
whole process. Self-production, which we're talking about, is a way for the company's experts to develop better results while respecting the opinions of their members.

[The process is that] the [band] members and the company discuss and decide on music concepts, themes, visual concepts, fashion, photos, content, and choreography...the members opinions are all considered, including the angle of filming, photos to be posted on social media, and content.

Is there any message you’d like to send to your fans and our readers at KpopWise?

Dear KpopWise subscribers, Thank you for your interest in NOMAD. We hope you enjoy the songs thatwere pre-released on YouTube. Please look forward to our debut songs "No pressure" and "California Love" which will be released in late February. 

Thank you.


Thank you to NOMAD for the interview.

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