Jaehyuk, Changsun, and Minjun of The Legend Reunite as He'Rose for New Single 'Honeymoon'


On April 12, former members of the group The LEGEND surprised fans with a new single together for the first time in 8 years. 

Jaehyuk, Changsun, and Minjun (Lito) reunited under the new name He'rose and released the single album "Here, Rose." with the title track '꽃잠 (Honeymoon)'

"Kkotjam" is a pure Korean word meaning the first night spent by newlyweds. The beautiful and fragrant excitement and excitement as if surrounded by flowers were captured in the music, and the first of many days to be spent with a loved one was sweetly expressed with the lyrics, ‘Do you know how much I love you?’

The song shows appreciate to the fans who have shown unwavering love and support for 10 years.

" My heart has always been heavy thinking about Herose, so I'm really happy to be able to say hello to you like this. 

I wasn't sure what to say, but I just thought about Herose, worked on it, and recorded it :)

I hope you listen to our hearts carefully.

thank you


 - Jaehyuk 

The single includes 3 versions of the song, the original, instrumental, sped up version, and slowed down /  reverb version, keeping up with the current trends with the variety. 

The song was recorded at Gallery Music where Jaehyuk is the CEO.


The LEGEND debuted as a  member group in 2014 and were highly regarded for their vocal and performance skills, along with having good-looks and tall heights. The group ultimately disbanded in 2017 due to conflicts with the former company. However, the members always kept the hope of Herose (fandom) alive as they regularly met up over the years. 

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