KISS of Life Make a Golden Comeback with Single Album "Midas Touch"

KISS OF LIFE (Julie, Natty, Belle, and Haneul) have released their single album "Midas Touch" on April 3. 

Being regarded as Y2K done right, 'Midas Touch' is a song reminiscent of the heyday of pop in the 2000s, with impressive layers of synthesizer and iconic sounds that dominated the era. The sincere lyrics about love delivered by the members' unique vocals are also enough to make this song even more attractive.

Nothing’, a reinterpretation of medium-tempo 2000s R&B with modern production and sensibility, harmoniously expresses rich sounds and emotions centered on string instruments and keyboard. I do it.

It is an impressive song with a faint emotional line that seems to represent the speaker's feelings as he looks at the other person who has changed, and the delicate expressiveness of the vocalist and the singing ability that leads the development of the song will leave a long lasting impression on the listeners.

KISS OF LIFE performed both tracks at their comeback showcase.

Last year, KISS OF LIFE, which was imprinted on the public with two high-quality mini-albums, not only recorded more than 100 million streams on major domestic and international music charts, but also received awards such as Rookie Award, Global Icon Award, New Wave Star Award, and New Artist of the Next Generation Award. 

In addition, they received a lot of attention for their powerful performances that overwhelmed the audience at various awards ceremonies and recognition for their venomous live skills. The positive reviews from fans and the public that it was a fresh and unprecedented stage that was not typical of rookies naturally raised expectations for KISS OF LIFE's next move.

Ciera Reeves

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  1. TOUCH YA! Zb1 dancing to this will forever remain in memory 🥰🤗🤭🙃

    What if I.. touch YA! KISS YA! UR GON. REALISE.
    (Only if u think too much)
    KOFL ATEE 🗣️🗣️

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