Lee Jin Hyuk Wants You to 'Relax' with 6th Mini Album [NEW QUEST: JUNGLE]

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Lee Jin Hyuk is back with his 6th mini album [NEW QUEST: JUNGLE] released on April 23. 

After his solo debut in 2019, Lee Jin Hyuk, who has been challenging new fields without hesitation by crossing the various positions of entertainment, drama, and singer, is already in his 6th year as an artist. He has released the 6th mini album [NEW QUEST: JUNGLE] after about 1 year and 8 months.

[NEW QUEST: JUNGLE] is an album that symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter. Although there was a long hiatus as a singer, he has continued to pursue acting and entertainment activities in the meantime, and has always grown and run. It is also an album that shows the determination to start a new quest.

In addition, the meaning of 'JUNGLE' is not just a concept, but also refers to the daily life and world we live in, and also contains the meaning of always living with new adventures in our daily lives. As this is an album that has been released for a long time, collaborations with various artists have also become a hot topic. JUNNY and Jo Gwang-il each participated in featuring, and Han Seung-woo also participated in writing lyrics, completing the composition of the song to a great extent.

The title song 'Relax'is an urban dance pop genre with an impressive rhythmic bounce of percussion and bass. It is a cool and hopeful lyric that tells us to take a little leisure in our daily lives and live a comfortable and free life. It is a song containing.

'Relax' Music Video

In addition to the title song, 'Good Boys', an exciting R&B song about finding true happiness without worrying about what others think, 'Crush', a hip-hop dance song of the funky electronic pop genre that expresses the dizzy feeling of falling for someone else. 'Trainwreck', a rock hip-hop song about going down the road, but enduring everything and now living a happy life; 'Slay', a FUNK POP dance song with a strong bass and guitar riff that captures the emotions of falling in love with someone; atmospheric It contains a total of 6 songs, including 'Over Your Head', a refreshing mid-tempo hip-hop song that tells you to scream and play with me until it ripens.

Listen to  [NEW QUEST: JUNGLE] 

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