London Buzzes with K-Pop Festival in New Malden


Photog. Kirsten (@k_waiyee_)

New Malden was alight with K-Pop bliss as it celebrated its first K-Pop Festival earlier this weekend. This 2-day event was part of an effort to bring more attention to New Malden as the Korean cultural hub of London. 

The venue boomed with music from Girls Generation's Into the New World to TXT's Happily Ever After as masses rushed to the centre for a thrilling random play dance. Vendors of all kinds lined the walls with everything from K-Pop merch to K-Beauty, with even the author of "The Strings Between Love & Race" Fatima Alabi, scattered throughout the event.

Cover dance group S4TURN // Photog. Kirsten (@k_waiyee_)

The festival was hosted by Korean influencer Minseo Kim, who held  the stage for all the acts from soulful singers to dynamic and electrifying dance groups. The event was also blessed with performances by a multitude of acts from London's underground K-Pop scene such as the cool and edgy Nush with their electric guitar, the ethereal LIYVZ who stole the hearts of all, and the upbeat Vachte who ended the event with a bang. 

Performers LIYVZ and NUSH // Photog. Kirsten (@k_waiyee_)

Overall, the events were overflowing with visitors from all over the UK coming together to share their love for K-Pop and K-Culture. We can only hope that the spirit of the festivities continue, and enrich New Malden as a central hub for Korean culture in London, and in turn, also help support local communities and businesses!

Thank you to Wook Kim for inviting us - we can't wait for the next one!

Wook Kim, performers, and volunteers // Photog. Kirsten (@k_waiyee_)

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