[Mini Interview] A.C.E on Versatility and Reimagined as Your Office Coworkers

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A.C.E is the immensely multi-talented five-member boy group under Beat Interactive consisting of Lee Donghun, Park Junhee, WOW, Kim Byeongkwan, and Kang Yuchan. On February 22 In a return to the spotlight, A.C.E (sans Yuchan, who only recently returned from his military enlistment) unveiled their highly anticipated sixth mini-album, "My Girl: My Choice." This release marks a significant milestone for the group, as it signifies their first mini-album in two and a half years following their completion of military enlistments.

With "My Girl: My Choice," A.C.E showcases their evolution as artists, delivering a diverse array of musical styles and concepts that highlight their versatility and maturity. From infectious pop anthems to soul-stirring ballads, the album offers a glimpse into the depth of A.C.E's musical prowess.

Embracing their individuality while seamlessly harmonizing as a collective, A.C.E continues to push boundaries and defy expectations with each new release. As they embark on this exciting chapter in their career, fans can expect nothing short of excellence from these extraordinary performers. "My Girl: My Choice" stands as a testament to A.C.E's enduring impact on the K-pop landscape.

The dynamic quintet has captivated audiences internationally with boundless talent and unwavering charisma. Each member contributes a unique flair to the group's unparalleled synergy and it's apparent in our recent roundtable conference with the group in which all five members attended. 

Within the last seven years, A.C.E has proved to have mastered any style of music that has come their way. We wanted to know how A.C.E can achieve different styles while remaining true to their essence. 

KW: As a group known for your versatility in music, how do you approach experimenting with different genres while still staying true to A.C.E's signature style?

Wow: All of us share a deep love for music, which has allowed us to maintain our unique style. This passion for music also emboldened us to explore new styles and genres, finding value in pushing our boundaries and remaining versatile. We are committed to continuing this journey of exploration and embracing new genres in the future.

The music video for the track 'My Girl' featured humorous scenes of the members going through their daily struggles as office workers, making it perfect material for a television show. 

KW: In the music video for 'My Girl' you represent office workers. If you were an office worker, what department would you work in? Like Sales, Marketing, Accounting, etc.

Byeongkwan: I would choose the sales department because I talk well with people.

Junhee: I think the marketing department suits my style because I have a lot of ideas that can intrigue and spark interest from other people. It is quite unfortunate that I'm not able to experiment with those, but if I were in charge of that job, I would be very passionate about it.

Donghun: I would also be in the marketing department.

Yuchan: I want to be a son of the CEO. 

Wow: I want to be the CEO.

Yuchan: I'll be the son!


Meanwhile, A.C.E will go on the 2024 US Tour "REWIND" beginning this June. Visit MyMusicTaste to find tickets in your area! 

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Special thanks to A.C.E, Beat Interactive, and Helix Publicity for the interview!

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