NCHIVE Debuts with 1st Single Album "Drive"

Rookie boy group NCHIVE released their first single album "Drive" as well as the music video for their debut song 'RACER' on April 9. 

NCHIVE is a compound word of 'N', meaning unknown, and 'Archive', meaning storage. It captures a diverse spectrum of music and creates happy memories with listeners. It contains the meaning of ‘storing and moving on.’

The album "Drive"  has an all-star producer lineup including EL CAPITXN, Vendors, XLIMIT, Benji Bae, 20Hz, Roydo. 

'RACER' is a hip-hop song that contains the ambition to run towards the world fearlessly believing in oneself despite numerous competition.  ‘Dive In’ is a drum & bass genre song that combines fast-paced energy and sounds to express the moment of falling in love more vividly and the final track ‘Fireworks’ is a bright and cheerful upbeat song that expresses a brilliant moment like fireworks, and captures the desire to always be with fans even through difficult and difficult times.

'RACER' Music Video


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