New Cube Boy Group NOWADAYS Makes Highly Anticipated Debut

NOWADAYS, CUBE Entertainment's first boy group in 8 years has released their debut single album. self-titled [NOWADAYS].

NOWADAYS, comprised of 5 members Hyun Bin, Yoon, Yeonwoo, Jinhyuk, and Siyun, emphasizes their unlimited charm and their own identity by establishing a new DAYS-POP genre.

NOWADAYS has the ambition to make the public and fans curious about 'NOW' and to provide special memories and memories for the 'DAYS' they will create together in the future. The group name, which is linked to the logo motion of 'NOW, A _____ DAYS' contains the message of a confident rookie who will show newness and flexibility without being confined by a mold by digesting various concepts.

The debut title song 'OoWee' is a combination of soulful melody and hip-hop elements, while the 808 bass groove drives the song's addictive flow. In the music video, NOWADAYS, the bad boys who transformed into the Anti Love Squad, in an adorable and cheerful way.

NOWADAYS is trying to catch Cupid while being wary of the excitement of first love in a world where love is a sin and Cupid is the enemy. However, in the end, they accepted the feeling of 'love', which is the only light in a dreary world, and expressed the moment they fell in love after being hit by Cupid's arrow with their own trendy catchphrase, 'OoWee'. The music video has accumulated over 3 million views in less than 24 hours. 

'NOW', which attracted the attention of many global fans with the performance video. The song, with thrilling energy and powerful performance, is a breakbeat genre song with hybrid EDM elements on a dynamic bass line. The five members who took the stage where their dream journey begins hold the key to the opportunity to realize their dreams and convey their strong aspirations to head towards an endless tomorrow.

The last track, 'TICKET', is a pop song to capture hearts of those who want to leave their boring daily life behind and go somewhere. Starting with the airplane notification sound, elements reminiscent of airplane takeoff and landing add to the immersion of the song.

Additionally, members Jinhyuk and Siyoon participated in writing lyrics for 'OoWee' and 'TICKET', thereby improving the quality of the debut album. This not only shows NOWADAYS' musical potential, but also rises expectations for the new generation "DAYS-POP genre" that will be presented to the public.


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