ONEWE Returns with 3rd Mini Album "ISOTROPHY"

On April 17, the band ONEWE, returned with their third mini-album 'Planet Nine: ISOTROPY' after about 1 year and 3 months hiatus.

ONEWE is a talented band consisting of Yonghoon (main vocalist), Kanghyeon (guitar), Harin (drums), Dongmyeong (vocals/keyboard), and Giwook (rap/bass). Since their debut, they have been recognized for their unrivaled musicianship and steady musical growth.

The third mini-album 'Planet Nine: ISOTROPY' is an extension of the 'Planet Nine series', which showed ONEWE's unique music world. 'Planet Nine: ISOTROPY' uses 'ISOTROPY', which means that the nature does not change even if the state changes, as the main keyword, and captures the further development of the five members while maintaining ONEWE's identity. All members participated in the production of the album as all songs were composed by themselves.

The title song 'Beautiful Ashes' features a beautiful melody that contrasts with the sad lyrics. The longing and regret that rushes through are expressed without hesitation through an arrangement that contains the perfect ups and downs.

'Beautiful Ashes' Music Video 

This third mini-album 'Planet Nine: ISOTROPY' contains six songs, including the title song 'Beautiful Ashes', 'Shoot It Out' with its powerful guitar sound, and 'Meteor Shower', which expresses the fluttering heart of a midsummer night. 'Count the stars', which is simple yet beautiful and sincere, 'Kiss in the Rain', which has romantic lyrics and a jazzy blues rhythm, and 'Pleasant' which depicts moments and promises to be together forever. The album shows the charms and unique identity of the band. 

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