[Review] Hwasa's 1st 'Twits' Fancon Tour: Seoul Sensation


Seoul, April 20th. The incomparable Hwasa is about to deliver a hell of a show for her “1st Fancon Tour ‘Twits’ in Seoul” at Sejong University’s Daeyang Hall. 

Despite the rain outside, anticipation runs high as we collect our physical tickets, greeted with a delightful surprise: complimentary Hwasa photocards, enhancing the fan experience. The venue is packed with “Twits” from across Korea and around the globe, a testament to the singer’s international success. 

The set is minimal, featuring only a few video screens on each side of the stage and a backdrop, but we all know a queen can command the stage with her sheer presence. As the lights dim another surprise awaits us; a real-time VCR of Hwasa turning up to the venue and entering the stage through the audience. In mere seconds, she captivates the attention of every individual in the room. 

She ever so elegantly takes off her coat revealing the first outfit for tonight’s show; a striking combination of a gray skirt and a white shirt, celebrating her unapologetic embrace of self-love and body positivity. Her trusty dance crew joins her on stage as she performs the first song of the night which is none other than the hit song “TWIT”. The entire time I keep thinking to myself “If not the sun, why so hot?”. Hwasa gives the crowd no time to catch their breath as she transitions from one hit to the next, filling the venue with the infectious beat of "I Love My Body". As expected, the crowd enthusiastically sings every lyric at the top of their lungs, while Hwasa executes each dance move with the precision of a sniper.

The mood slightly changes as Hwasa begins to sing “Somebody”. Now it’s time for her vocal abilities to shine, and shine they do. Another VCR unfolds, offering a glimpse into her soft side and her connection with her fans, the real stars of the show in her eyes. A brief ukulele rendition of SZA’s “Snooze” serves as a teaser for the next song and we get to enjoy Hwasa’s version of the song live as she expresses her desire to share her love for it with her beloved fans. 

After indulging us with that sweet surprise, she performs “Lemon” for the first time in Korea, delivering a rendition as refreshing as its title implies. This is followed by captivating performances of “Don’t” and a heartfelt rendition of “Walk On By”. However, as the star herself points out, this isn't just a concert- it's a Fancon. And with that, a lengthy session of challenges and talk segments ensues. During this part of the event, the audience gets behind-the-scenes stories regarding her recent social media posts, interactive image quizzes, playful wordplay challenges, not one but two dance covers of ILLIT’s “Magnetic”, and of course, the tik tok ASMRZ challenge. It is very clear that this event is tailored to the fans who were given the opportunity to leave messages for Hwasa on post-it notes upon arrival. True to her word, she addresses as many burning questions as possible, playfully avoiding any mentions of a comeback. On a more heartfelt note, the singer takes time to read fan letters and the crowd gets both entertained and touched.

The show continues with an incredible performance of “I’m a B”, followed by another heartfelt VCR. However, this time, the star reveals a more vulnerable side, allowing “Twits” a glimpse into her worries and the one thing that recharges her energy: her cherished fans. She then returns with a new outfit; a fitted bodysuit beneath an elegant long skirt. Her mesmerizing vocals fill the room as she performs “LMM”. There’s not a single dry eye in the room. 

What follows is an incredible showcase featuring hit songs such as “Nobody Else”, the long- awaited anthem “Maria” which has the crowd in a chokehold, and an impeccable Mamamoo Medley, highlighted by my personal favorite, “HIP”. By this point, the elegant skirt is long gone. 

A VCR revealing the making-of process of the event plays and Hwasa emerges wearing the official merch of “Twits”. With a whole new attitude fitting the vibe of another one of her hits, “Chili”, she paints the town orange. But she’s not done yet. As soon as the song is over, she makes the fans go wild by throwing not only her hat but also her shirt into the crowd, revealing another insane outfit.

As the show is about to end, she invites on stage singer,  songwriter and producer Ahn Shin Ae. Together, along with the entire team, they deliver a lighthearted ukulele version of “I Love My Body”. It’s a beautiful conclusion to an already beautiful night. 

Hwasa, who feels more confident expressing herself through performance rather than words, truly shines when she's doing what she loves. In her own words, “I am just a person who loves to sing and to dance”.  And indeed, this love of hers is evident in every single one of her performances. She’s not only an artist who respects and cherishes her coworkers by allowing them to shine on stage, but also a star who genuinely adores her fans and seeks to reciprocate their love. And what better way to showcase that than through a show like this one.

Thalia Angelina Pechlivani

Thalia Angelina is a journalist from Greece, presently contributing for KpopWise. She fell in love with K-Culture back in 2010 upon listening to SHINee's "Lucifer". Currently a full-time student at Sogang University, she spends her time buying excessive amounts of Korean novels. Do not mention Epik High or DPR IAN to her unless you want to hear a 3-hour TED Talk. Don't tell this to anyone, but she still has a soft spot for Super Junior. Not a nepo baby, a Mapo baby.

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