BIGONE and BAEKHO Collaborate for Project Single, “LOVE OR DIE”


BIGONE and BAEKHO come together to release their new project single, “LOVE OR DIE.” With this single, listeners will hear the combination of BIGONE and BAEKHO’s unique musical talents as they narrate their different points of view on love.

This project came together under the direction of music publisher PRISMFILTER, which can be seen through ‘나Rock너樂 (Me-Rock-You-樂)’, BAEKHO’s music-making series on his YouTube channel. New videos are uploaded every Wednesday and Saturday at 6:20 pm KST.

This project includes three new songs with two remixes, all of which BIGONE and BAEKHO each took part in lyric writing and composing. The title track, “LOVE OR DIE” is presented as a conversation between BIGONE and BAEKHO about a love they still yearn for.

사랑하기 때문인 거야 (All Because I Love You)” is a track that focuses on the jealousy one feels after falling in love. “Oh my best day” talks about how useless the days feel after a breakup. The single ends with two remixes of the title track, “LOVE OR DIE (EDM Ver.)” and “LOVE OR DIE (Unplugged Ver.)” giving listeners more options to enjoy.

'Love or Die' Music Video


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