BLITZERS Performs Britain's Got Talent Semi-Finals, Receives Support from K-pop Artists

shared their thoughts on completing the preliminaries of "Britain’s Got Talent" and their determination ahead of the semi-finals.

BLITZERS appeared on Britain's ITV entertainment program 'Britain's Got Talent' on May 18 and showed off fantastic live performances and performances, heating up the UK's home screens.

BLITZERS who were the first K-pop idols to participate in the audition after being invited by 'BGT', were judged on a high-quality stage that combined their trademark flawless synchronized dance with a high-level acrobatic choreography, and a live performance that did not waver despite intense movements. It drew an all yes from the judges.

The preliminary stage clip, which was released through the 'BGT' official YouTube channel immediately after the broadcast, has now surpassed 1 million views, within 8 days of its release. This was the #1 most viewed clip among clips from the same episode by an overwhelming margin, proving once again the explosive interest of K-pop fans around the world focused on BLITZERS.

Upon hearing the news that BLITZERS advanced to the semifinals of 'BGT', support poured in from seniors, juniors and colleagues in the music industry. Following John Park's applause by uploading a clip of BLITZERS' preliminary stage on his SNS, numerous groups such as STAYC, Just B, delivered messages of support such as "We definitely support you to make it to the finals."

In a QnA with SpotTV, BLITZERS talk about their BGT run.

Q. What did you pay most attention to while preparing for the ‘BGT’ stage?

Jinhwa: I think one of the charms of K-pop is showing brilliant performances while performing stable live shows. While thinking about how to show that charm to the UK, I think I paid the most attention to striking a balance between performance and live.”

Sya: Because it was my first time in the preliminaries, I prepared frantically, but I think I ended up focusing a lot on the performance. After watching the broadcast, all the members gathered together and had time to give feedback. "During the semifinals, I paid more attention to the live performance. “I think we set a direction for the semifinal stage by mainly saying, ‘Don’t get excited, just do what you prepared and did in the practice room.’

Q. How do you feel about receiving an all yes at the preliminaries and any memorable comments from the judges?

Juhan: First of all, it was such an honor. Since I received an all yes, I will show an even better performance than before on the semi-final stage."

Q. Have you seen videos of previous participating teams and what is the most memorable performance?

Juhan: Although it is not 'BGT', I was impressed by the Unique Crew members' performances while looking for stage videos of 'America's Got Talent' in the US. It was a great opportunity to work together. It was nice to be able to do it, and I think we prepared even harder after watching the performances of Travis Japan, a Japanese idol team, so we worked harder and didn’t want to lose.”

Q. What goal do you want to achieve through 'BGT'?

Chris: Our goal is to spread the charm of K-pop not only in Korea and the UK, but also around the world."

Q. Please say a word to those around the world who are supporting BLITZERS on BGT

Lutan: Thank you to BLY who always supports us, not just in this 'BGT', and we will show you many better stages in the future!"

Wooju: We are not just aiming to win unconditionally, but Bly and the viewers. Our goal is to show people a good performance. “We will make sure to put on a performance that everyone can enjoy in this semifinal!”


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