[Concert Review] Jambinai Captivates Camden Town at Dingwalls

Photo Cr. Charis Bagioki

On 15 May, 2024 the eclectic crowd of Camden Town was treated to a night full of wonders when they entered the legendary Dingwalls just off the famous Camden Canal. As the stage lights dimmed and anticipation in the air grew, the unique sounds of Jambinai echoed through the venue, setting the tone for an unforgettable live experience. From the moment they took the stage, it was evident that the South Korean band was about to take their audience on a sonic journey like no other.

Jambinai are no strangers to touring and performing. They reminded us that their visit to London came after a long tour and almost ten years after the first time they visited. In between, the post-rock Korean band has received awards for Best Crossover Album, has closed the 2018 Winter Olympics ceremony and has spread their music all over the world. 

Their experimental sound and the fusion of atmospheric rock and metal and traditional Korean instruments – such as the geomungo and the haegum – created a mesmerising tapestry of sound transcending cultural boundaries. All around me, people of all ages were enjoying the music, dancing and cheering, as each member of the band was showcasing incredible mastery of their respective instruments. The most unique element is how seamlessly the group blends ancient melodies with contemporary rhythms, making their performance feel mesmerising.

The audience was captivated for the whole set by the intense energy and passion, while the interplay between the different instruments created a dynamic and immersive experience that kept the audience on the edge. The band also seemed to notice that with each song, the audience grew closer to the band and cheered even louder. As a highlight, the band seemed to create an intricate narrative within their music, telling a story and drawing us to feel their emotions. As Ilwoo explained in the end, Jambinai’s music is full of emotions that cannot be explained with words – whether that is pain, happiness or gratitude – and that is when the song of te evening was introduced – ONDA. 

As the final notes of their set rang out, the audience erupted into applause, asking for ‘five more songs’ and clearly moved by the transcendent experience they had just witnessed. It was impressive to witness how Jambinai open the door to a world of musical possibilities, showing that music really knows no boundaries. It was definitely a night to remember. 

All photographer Charis Bagioki @photosby_focus @director_lydia


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