Get Ready to Catch the Love Bug with North Star Boys’ New Single and Music Video "Bug"

NSB Releases New Single Bug

Boygroup North Star Boys (NSB) are ready to unleash a summer anthem for all of those looking for love in the modern age. Their brand new single, Bug, which was released on May 31, is a summer love song that is guaranteed to have you catching feelings. For those looking for that magic of connection, that’s where the brand new social app Yuzu comes in. 

Yuzu aims to help with the launch of the dating app for the Asian community, a place to make new friends and connections. As they each find their ideal match, the boys give the app a shout out, “Glad that I found you on Yuzu.” It’s best described as an easy-going track that perfectly captures the joy and excitement of newfound friendships and romantic relationships. It invites listeners to relax with them as the accompanying feel-good video contains simple things like pool parties and highlights the fun personalities of each member. Of course, Yuzu plays a starring role in helping connect the boys for a heartwarming love story. 

Known as the first Asian American mixed media septet, Oliver, Sebastian, Justin, Ryan, Kane, Darren, and Regie have quickly gained millions of followers in a short time across their social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. With over 1.55million subscribers, their YouTube channel is packed with content such as music videos, vlogs, challenges, and comedy skits. Their goal is to celebrate Asian culture, foster community, and inspire a sense of unity and pride among their fans. With their infectious energy and innovative content, the North Star Boys continue to break boundaries and set new standards in the world of digital entertainment.

They marked their debut with the single, you are my star. They’ve since gone on to play with a variety of genres, from the dark and rap-fuelled Jet Black to the infectious pop number Kissing Booth. Not only does the music they release prove that they’re talented at both content creation but can write lyrics that connect with their listeners. In addition to their latest single, new album Cydia can now be found on Apple music.


In June they will embark on their first American tour; of course, no show is complete without a beloved lightstick, and worry not, one has been made and released just in time for their fans STAR to light up the venues. 

Bug is out now on all major platforms and watch the music video on YouTube. For more updates and exclusive content, follow NSB and Yuzu on their social media channels.


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About Yuzu:

Yuzu is a social and dating app for the Asian community: a new kind of social playground that makes it easy for the Asian community to find friends, make matches, and create community their way. The Yuzu app is available on the iOS app store and Google Play store. For more information visit and follow @JoinYuzu on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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