KINO Releases His First EP, "If this is love, I want a refund"

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KINO has released his first EP, "If this is love, I want a refund." With this EP, he hopes to express all the emotions that make up the different stages of love, such as the rage from a breakup and the moment when you find a new love in your life. This is further showcased with two contrasting visual concepts: a sweet and ideal love and a realistic love born out of a broken illusion.

“<If this is love, I want a refund> is my first ever EP, and it represents the full cycle of a relationship. It is also a collection of songs revealing genuine feelings about love; The good, the bad, the ugly. Love is not always as nice as it’s been portrayed nor our feelings towards it. It’s a story about me, you and us all: The diary of us.” – KINO

The EP includes five songs, all of which KINO participated in lyric writing and composing. The title track, “Broke My Heart,” expresses the anger one feels when being betrayed by the one they love. Lay Bankz, an American singer, songwriter, and rapper, joins in as a feature on the song. She is best known for her songs that have gone viral on TikTok, such as “Tell Ur Girlfriend” which is currently trending on the platform, and “Left Cheek (Doo Doo Blick)”, “Na Na Na”, and “Ick” which all trended in 2023. KINO and Lay Bankz worked so well together while filming the song’s music video in Philadelphia; they created the choreography for the chorus on the spot during the shoot. 

"Broke My Heart" Music Video

Solo” is a track that tells the story of a couple that has decided to break up after accepting their differences and wishing each other the best for the future. “Freaky Love” was pre-released on March 21st of this year as a single. It showcases the moment when a person becomes infatuated with someone, taking inspiration from the slang term “delulu,” a popular social media expression used to describe someone acting delusional. With “Valentine,” KINO hopes to recharge listeners with courage whenever they feel like giving up on relationships and love. The final track, “Fashion Style,” was also a pre-released single (January 8th) and was the first single released under KINO’s new label. It conveys a message to listeners that they are beautiful just the way they are and should not try to be anyone else but themselves.

KINO is currently promoting his album on various programs. 

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