Supergroup Project KAMIGATA BOYZ Releases First Single “Musekinin de Eejyanaika LOVE”

Celebrate the fun and energy of Japan’s Western region as Osaka prepares for the 2025 World Expo with the release of “Musekinin de Eejyanaika LOVE” from KAMIGATA BOYZ, a new specialty unit featuring the talent of STARTO ENTERTAINMENT’s biggest Kansai acts, now streaming worldwide!

Embracing their goofy and playful nature, KAMIGATA BOYZ is a new JPOP supergroup project from the mind of talent-producer Tadayoshi Ohkura and comprised at present of three generations of STARTO’s Kansai family: veteran bandmen SUPER EIGHT, the ever-energetic WEST., and the sparkly charming NANIWA DANSHI.

The title “Musekinin de Eejyanaika LOVE” is a portmanteau of a popular song from each participating group: “Musekinin Hero” from SUPER EIGHT, and the debut singles of both WEST. and Naniwa Danshi (“Eejyanaika” and “UBU LOVE” respectively). The title loosely and unofficially translates to “Isn’t Love Great with No Responsibility”.


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