tripleS Releases Debut Full Album "ASSEMBLE24"

On May 8, 24 member girl group tripleS, has released their debut full album <ASSEMBLE24>.

tripleS, which is increasing its momentum as the world's first fan-participatory group by forming members and selecting title songs through fans' votes during each period of activity, has released their first full-length album <ASSEMBLE24> with 24 members for the first time in two years.

Like 'Rising', 'Girls Never Die', which was decided by the fandom WAV's vote, was chosen as the title song for this complete album with a whooping 130,000 votes. The track was created through collaboration between EL CAPITXN, who created Triple S's representative songs 'Generation' and 'Girls' Capitalism', and Vendors. In addition, the full-length album has been prepared with a wealth of 10 songs containing the members' various charms.

'Girls Never Die' Music Video

Additionally, the dance version of the music video has been released on the group's YouTube channel. 

Listen to <ASSEMBLE24>

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