YOON JAY’s Releases “I DON’T CARE” About Being True to Your Feelings and Defiance Against Judgments

Rising South Korean artist YOON JAY unveils his latest single, "I DON’T CARE" which is a captivating anthem that delves into the depths of unconditional love and the courage to defy societal judgments. His comeback single is released under Universal Records Philippines. 

"I Don't Care" Visualizer 

According to the South Korean-German singer, the song is inspired by innocent people in love who are not welcomed or even get criticized and have to hide from others. It showcases one’s commitment to a relationship regardless of external pressures.

“We sometimes care too much about other people's eyes, but in the end, I wanted to say that love is more important than those things. Love wins all,” 


"I DON'T CARE" resonates with listeners through its repeated affirmations of indifference to outside opinions, reinforcing the message that true love transcends societal scrutiny.


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