Yuju, We Dem Boyz, and Chancellor Leave Konnect Entertainment

On May 21, it was reported that singer Yuju, dance team We Dem Boyz, and singer, producer Chancellor have all terminated contracts with Konnect Entertainment. This news comes after it was revealed Kang Daniel has filed a criminal complaint against the majority shareholder of the agency. 

According to Star News, Yuju, a former member of the girl group GFriend, had her exclusive contract with Konnect Entertainment terminated in the middle of last month. Yuju decided not to renew her contract with Konnect Entertainment, making her a 'free agent' in the entertainment industry. 

The dance team We'Dam Boys also confirmed its intention to terminate its exclusive contract with Konnect Entertainment at the end of November last year and began liquidation procedures. Singer and producer Chancellor is also said to have left Konnect Entertainment.

Konnect Entertainment is an entertainment agency founded by Kang Daniel in 2019. However, on the 20th, Kang Daniel is experiencing internal troubles, such as filing a complaint with the police against Mr. A, the majority shareholder of Konnect Entertainment.

Kang Daniel filed a complaint against Mr. A to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency through Woori Law Firm (attorney in charge Park Seong-woo) on charges of forgery of private documents, embezzlement, breach of trust, infringement on information and communication networks, and computer fraud.

It was reported that there was a problem with the 10 billion won advance distribution contract signed in December 2022 without Kang Daniel's approval. Mr. A is also accused of embezzling at least 2 billion won from his agency's account overseas without due process. Mr. A is known to be the actual owner of approximately 70% of Konnect Entertainment. Kang Daniel has served as CEO.

Woori Law Firm, which is in charge of Kang Daniel's legal representation, said, 

"The client, who has protected the company as CEO and artist for the past five years, has filed a criminal complaint to minimize damage to the artists and employees who have trusted and followed him like family, as well as third party contract parties. “We put in a lot of effort for over a year before filing a complaint, but we decided that there was no other solution other than holding them legally responsible, so it was with a heavy heart that we decided to file a criminal complaint.”

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel is also expected to step down from his position as CEO of Konnect Entertainment as his exclusive contract with Konnect Entertainment is about to expire in early June.

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