Yves Releases First Solo EP, "LOOP"

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Yves has released her first solo EP, "LOOP". The title, LOOP, symbolizes her newfound ability to explore her musicality and individual color after breaking the ‘loop’ of the group structure she was used to working with before. Yves isn't just any newcomer; she has left her mark in the K-pop scene as a member of the popular K-pop girl group LOONA. "LOOP" is the mark of Yves’ official debut as a solo artist, and she is poised to reveal her wholly authentic self. She aims to share music that mirrors her quest for serenity and the array of emotions she'll encounter along the way. With this new chapter of her career, Yves invites her fans and listeners to join her pursuit of peace. 

“This album is the first step to creating my world as a solo artist. I've been following certain rules and systems for a long time as a part of the group. To me, this album represents my first challenge to get out of a pre-made loop of rules, study myself, and express it through music. Therefore, this EP is immature yet bold, rough yet honest. It also contains my gratitude for fans who have been waiting for me with trust. My CEO, MILLIC, participated as an executive producer for LOOP, and IOAH and blah presented one song each. I am very grateful for all my colleague artists at the company as they supported and cheered on my solo debut.”
 – Yves

'LOOP' feat. Lil Cherry 

LOOP was made as a collective effort by Paix Per Mil artists, including IOAHblah, and MILLIC, their executive producer and a member of South Korean R&B and hip hop crew Fanxy Child, who oversaw the entire production. The EP includes four new songs: “LOOP,” “Diorama,” “Afterglow” and  “금붕어(Goldfish).” The title track, “LOOP,” includes a feature with up-and-coming South Korean-American rapper Lil Cherry“LOOP” expresses the distress and frustration one feels when trapped in the continuous loops of life. In “Diorama,” Yves describes her innermost emotions while confronting her idealized self. “Afterglow” explores the conflicting feelings of being caught between a thrilling new love and one that is already familiar. And the final track, “금붕어(Goldfish), is a message of comfort Yves wishes to send to her fans who have stood by her and watched her grow over the years.

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