ZEROBASEONE Says "You had me at HELLO" with EP Album

ZEROBASEONE has comeback with the 3rd mini album "You had me at HELLO" on May 13 completing the trilogy. 

The 3rd mini album "You had me at HELLO," ZEROBASEONE will resonate with fans by refreshingly telling the story of a youth filled with the happiness when falling in love after a fateful first meeting and now determined to fly together. This album marks the finale of the ‘trilogy of stories of youth falling in love at first sight after a fateful meeting.’ The title track 'Feel the POP', is about giving the best time and creating unforgettable memories with ZEROSES without hesitations or worries. 

'Feel the POP' Music Video

In addition to 'Feel the POP' the 3rd mini album includes the title song, 'Solar POWER', which contains the meaning of becoming a team that shines brighter thanks to 'you', 'Dear ECLIPSE', which evokes a deep lingering feeling of the deepening emotions of the more mature ZEROBASEONE members. 'SWEAT', a pre-released song that sings about the present moment when you are so focused on dancing together that you can't think of anything, and ZEROBASEONE's first fan song 'Sunday RIDE' about going on a holiday together with ZEROSE, 'HELLO' a song with diverse charms that contains the message of the album title and finally the Sped Up version of the title song 'Feel the POP' for a total of seven songs. 

'Feel the POP' Showcase Performance

ZEROBASEONE, who debuted on July 10 last year, became a 'double million seller' for two consecutive albums with their debut album 'YOUTH IN THE SHADE' and their second mini album 'MELTING POINT' released in the same year and achieved remarkable results as a representative idol group of the 5th generation. In addition, the first Japanese single 'ゆらゆら -運命の花-' (Yura Yura -Unmei no Hana-), released on March 20, achieved 'half million seller' and 2 wins on Oricon's weekly chart within a week of its debut, thereby achieving 'global status'.

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