BLITZERS have released their fourth EP "LUNCH-BOX" on June 19. 

After the release of second single album "MACARENA" last year, BLITZERS met global fans through performances and broadcasts in Korea, Japan, India, and the UK, expanding their fandom as performance artists. They have returned after a year with their fourth EP "LUNCH-BOX."

The fourth travel series, "LUNCH-BOX"  brings out the flavor of travel even more with fun and excitement. They are back with a pledge to become the 'SUPERPOWER' of BLEE around the world and cool down the hot summer. 

'SUPERPOWER' Music Video

Consisting of a total of 6 songs, this album contains the energy of the boys that is fun to just look at, as well as high-quality tracks. In particular, the English version of the title song 'SUPERPOWER' and the title song 'Macarena' from the previous album offers a different kind of fun than the Korean version. If you listen to them in track order, it feels like you are watching BLITZERS performing right in front of you, so it is recommended listening to all the songs in track order.

The group wants to continue spreading hopeful and positive energy from their previous work, they received positive reviews for not only performing but also appearing on Britain's Got Talent in the UK, turning broadcast stages into concerts with their high-quality stages. Meanwhile, BLITZERS have set a new record with first day album sells, proving their growing popularity.

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