BTS’s Jungkook Promises to Never Let Go with New Single on June 7th

Image Courtesy of BigHit Music

June is an exciting time for ARMY’s and this year is extra special. June marks BTS’s 11th anniversary and Festa always begins. With the timetable slowly teased about what this year's festivities will contain. It was announced on June 2nd, that maknae Jungkook will release the new single Never Let Go. In a statement, BigHit announced:

“We are excited to announce the release of BTS member JungKook’s fan song “Never Let Go.”

“Never Let Go” is a heartfelt tribute to Jung Kook’s fans encapsulating the message “to never let go of each other’s hands,” as a token of gratitude for the boundless love from ARMY all over the world. We appreciate your anticipation and excitement for the new track.”

The news comes after plans for the group's debut celebration, will see Jin greet ARMYS. The singer, who discharges from his military service on 12th June will then meet fans over three hours on the 13th to celebrate their 11th year. The raffle event will give ARMYS a chance to meet Jin across two sessions, stating, “An in-person event led by BTS member Jin to celebrate 2024 FESTA.

Image courtesy of BigHit Music 

This event was prepared in order to fulfill Jin’s wish to spend meaningful time with ARMY in person on BTS’s debut day. We invite you to join us as we express our gratitude for your unwavering love for BTS. The first session (Meet-and-Greet with Jin) is a time for light hugs with Jin per request from the artist, and is expected to last about three hours.”

The second session will also take place on the June 13 at 8pm KST. Where Jin will showcase various performances that ARMY wishes to see. As always, a festa song is a tradition every year; last year was Take Two, a song asking for fans to stay by their side as they navigate the current chapter two and military enlistment. Never Let Go will seem to carry on that heartfelt message that is sure to be appreciated by many.

More Festa gifts will be announced throughout June, and with the first member to come back, the time will come when all seven can come together and celebrate festa with ARMYS once again.

Never Let Go will be released 1PM, Friday, June 7, 2024 (KST.) All the details for how to meet Jin and partake in the raffle are available here:

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