[Concert Review] Tri.be Shines Like Diamonds at London's Brixton Jamm

Photo Cr. Charis Bagioki // KpopWise

On June 11, Tri.be visited London for their "True Diamond" Tour in Europe 2024 at the Brixton Jamm. 

It's becoming rare to truly thrill K-pop fans, yet the girl group Tri.be has built a dedicated, passionate following in the UK. Kicking off early in the evening, the six-member ensemble gathered their fans in Brixton for a night packed with singing, dancing, and fan interaction. Their repertoire, blending traditional K-pop with Afrobeat, baile funk, dancehall, and Western pop, has become a staple in the K-pop community, with their performances frequently going viral.

Tri.be is no stranger to live performances, boasting extensive experience. Their fandom, known as True, is incredibly devoted and filled the venue gradually. Despite the intimate setting, it felt like a large arena, with fans enthusiastically cheering, singing along to every song and fan chant, and casually conversing with the members in Korean. The venue’s intimacy allowed fans to connect with the performers in a genuine way, showcasing the human side of these typically distant idols.

Photo Cr. Charis Bagioki // KpopWise

As London was the final stop of the tour, the group gave their all to delight the crowd, and their effort was evident. The group’s universal appeal was highlighted through their intense, perfectly synchronized choreographies and diverse vocals, each member showcasing her unique vocal colour. Tri.be adeptly bridges Eastern and Western influences, maintaining the cute, traditional K-pop image while incorporating international musical elements.

The performance continued with unit stages and cover songs from Enhypen, Kiss of Life, Taemin and Blackpink, which drew the loudest cheers. The group’s bubbly, happy demeanour was evident throughout the set, with a touch of subtle sexiness in their performance. Their set included hit songs such as ‘Loca’, ‘Run’, ‘Loro’ and ‘Rub-a-dum’, as well as their most famous songs ‘We are Young’ and ‘Diamond’.

Photo Cr. Charis Bagioki // KpopWise

The members displayed boundless energy, performing all their songs consecutively before engaging with fans in various challenges. One lucky fan was invited on stage to dance the choreography of their latest single ‘Diamond’, impressing both the members and the audience. From the audience, we were mesmerized by the group’s synchronization and the choreography’s brisk pace. The members shared their unique and memorable experiences touring Europe, their fond memories of London, and invited us to see them again on their next visit, a suggestion warmly received by the crowd.

Tri.be is a well-regarded group with a solid identity in K-pop. Their flawless, synchronized, and vocally impressive performance in a small venue underscores their potential for greater recognition. Although their European tour has concluded, we eagerly await their return.

Review and Photography by Charis Bagioki

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