CRAXY are Back with Single Album "RE_"


On June 26 girl group CRAXY have made a comeback with their new single album "RE_." 

The single album is CRAXY's new album released after about 1 year and 2 months, and signifies the beginning of a new musical journey. CRAXY present refreshing hip-hop songs that will quench the thirst of fans with their unique charms, music, and performance.

The title song 'STUPIDZ' is a boom bap genre based on an old school style, and is an impressive song with a rough drum loop and strong lead. The unforgettable hook and bold performance once heard further highlight CRAXY's charm.

The single contains four tracks; 'Crazy Racer,' which opens the album with CRAXY's ambitions to leap forward, 'DAISY (03/06)' contains a message of dreaming of eternal love with hopeful lyrics and melody. In particular, the bright sound of the guitar, which is in contrast to the intense image that CRAXY has mainly shown until now, showing a different side. The instrumental for STUPIDZ is included as well. 

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