CSR Proves They are a 'Pretty Mob' with 2nd Single Album "L'heure Bleue"


Girl group CSR has made a comeback with their 2nd Single Album "L'heure Bleue: Prologue" on June 11.

"L'heure Bleue" means The Blue Hour, When the sun rises or sets, it glows blue and the boundaries are ambiguous. For CSR it refers to the uncertain times of being 19 years old. (All members are born in 2005.) In 2024, they plan to tell the story of CSR navigating these nineteen moments.

The motif of the 2024 album series is Anne of Red Hair who resembles CSR and sings of hope as a modern-day Anne who spreads strange but positive energy even in the face of adversity.

The mini album contains two tracks, the nineteen theme song 'HELLO' and the new-feeling title song 'Pretty mob', and
in the exciting melody, you can feel the heartfelt story and courage that CSR wants to convey.

"L'heure Bleue comes every day. But every day passes by. We hope this will provide courage to everyone going through uncertain moments." 

'Pretty Mob' Music Video 

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