FT Island Gets First Ever Lightstick for 17 Year Anniversary

FT Island
, the idol rock band that debuted in 2007, is set to release their first official fan lightstick, marking an exciting development for both the band and their fans. Known affectionately as "Primadonna," FT Island's fanbase finally will have their own lightsticks after 17 years. 

In the K-pop world, lightsticks serve as a visual representation of fan support and unity. They are used during concerts and events to create stunning sea of lights, enhancing the overall atmosphere and making the experience even more memorable. For FT Island, the introduction of their own official lightstick is especially meaningful as it comes in celebration of their 17th anniversary. This milestone underscores the band's longevity and the strong, enduring relationship they have built with their fans over the years.

The release of the lightstick is more than just a new merchandise item; it is a symbol of the band's journey and the unwavering support from their Primadonna. The announcement of the lightstick, invokes a sense of excitement and nostalgia. This gesture not only honors FT Island's rich legacy in the music industry but also acknowledges the vital role their fans have played in their success and the future together.

The lightstick's design incorporates the band's name with a treasure island in the center. At the top of the lightstick a yellow flag is inserted signifying the ownership of FT Island. As such, it will be a cherished item for Primadonna, serving as a tangible reminder of their love and dedication to FT Island.

More information about the release of the lightstick is coming soon. Meanwhile, it has been announced that FT Island will release their first full length album in 8 years this July, 10 months after the release of their 9th mini album "Sage."

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