JUNNY Releases EP Album "dopamine" and 'RUSH" ft. BOBBY Music Video

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 Singer-songwriter JUNNY has released his new EP album "dopamine" on June 13.

This album goes beyond the emotions of love previously showcased, encapsulating JUNNY’s artistic persona and philosophical messages. 

Comprising six tracks, ‘dopamine’ provides focus and energy in the process of overcoming stress, yet these two often manifest in less than beautiful forms. The dopamine generated to surpass pain and pressure evokes feelings of achievement, reward, and pleasure but can sometimes appear rough. 

In this album, JUNNY translates the forms of ‘dopamine’ he has experienced into music. The key point of this album is observing where dopamine and stress come from and what they look like from JUNNY’s perspective. 

The title song and the first track, “RUSH (ft. BOBBY),” conveys the thrill felt in the struggle between desires and reality. The music video also portrays the emotions felt in reality while watching an artificial romance, contrasting the beautifully packaged fake image with the harsh reality, evoking dopamine. 

'RUSH' ft. BOBBY Music Video 

Other tracks include "Here We Go Again," which expresses the desire and determination to achieve goals, “TASTE,” about the thrill of giving what the other person wants, “Complications,” about the thrill felt in the delicate balance between stress and love, “Daylight,” about the thrill of working intensely until sunrise, and “figure 8,” which expresses the thrill of finding solace at home after batting numerous stresses. JUNNY interprets various forms of dopamine through these songs, leaving listeners to reflect on what their stress and dopamine look like and where they originate. 

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