PRIMROSE Returns with 1st Single Album "REVIVAL"


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On June 17, group PRIMROSE has returned with their 1st Single Album "REVIVAL."

This album "REVIVAL" fully captures the concept and worldview based on Norse mythology, and presents a new look. The title track of REVIVAL, 'Freyja', reinterprets the image of the representative goddess of Norse mythology, 'Freyja', in the K-POP style. Through this unconventional experiment with domestic and internationally recognized producers such as BIBLEIN and BILDUP, with lyrics by RGB -- the song combines the grandeur of the orchestra and Hyper Trap beats.

Additionally, the addictive dance break part in the slow EDM style is a hooking point that leaves a lingering impression on the listener even after the song ends, and allows them to enjoy PRIMROSE's dance together. 

Accordingly, PRIMROSE plans to introduce 'Freyja' to overseas fans beyond domestic fans, especially fans in Northern Europe who are crazy about EDM. With the theme of “IT'S TIME TO REBUILD,” in 'Freyja,' the four members symbolize the four guardian deities chosen by the goddess Freyja. While singing about the will to restore the world in the face of hardship and adversity in a fallen world, the different charms and colors of each member of Primrose blend harmoniously into the song, further strengthening the unique worldview. 

Furthermore, PRIMROSE’s message is not limited to just the worldview. Through Freyja, Primrose delivers the same message to those who listen to the song in reality. “In a broken daily life, even when you face hardship and adversity, Primrose will be your strength.” 

The single includes the title track 'Freyja' and the instrumental. 

'Freyja' Music Video


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