[Concert Review] ATEEZ Make ATINY Fall in Love Again at the 2024 FANMEETING in Seoul


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ATEEZ, the dynamic and influential fourth-generation K-pop group, has been the talk of the town this year. Formed by KQ Entertainment, ATEEZ has been capturing hearts worldwide since their debut in 2018. However, in 2024, they have managed to outdo themselves by capturing everyone’s attention and delving into fields beyond music, including fashion, and establishing themselves as the powerhouse group that bears the crown of first male K-pop performers in renowned global music festivals.

Known for their powerful performances, intricate choreography, and diverse musical styles, ATEEZ has quickly risen to fame, gathering a dedicated fanbase known as ATINY. The group's eight members—Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho—each bring their unique talents and charisma to the stage, creating an unforgettable concert experience.

The 2024 fanmeeting in Seoul, <ATINY’S VOYAGE: FROM A TO Z>, a celebration of their journey so far, offered fans a chance to connect with the group on a more personal level. Held over two days on July 6th and July 7th at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium, the event featured a mix of high-energy performances, special cover songs, and interactive segments, showcasing ATEEZ's versatility and their deep appreciation for their fans. It was a highly anticipated event, with such a demand that additional seats were made available in four more zones of the venue for both days.

The fanmeeting’s theme was “Tiny University”, and upon entering the venue, attendees were greeted by a “WELCOME FRESHMEN” banner. The video walls displayed a university with intricate details and “Tiny University” was written all over the stage. An extended stage, shaped like a compass and adorned with the slogan “Artem, Veritas, Libertas”, was provided for more intimate performances, fitting into ATEEZ’s overall lore.

The show began with a VCR featuring Yunho showcasing his unique acting skills as he pretended to struggle to kick-start his career. The concept this time around revolved around him revisiting his first year of university using an iPod, attempting to relive the entire experience alongside his fellow members, but this time doing it the right way. Fans swooned over Yunho’s acting and cheered at ATEEZ’s antics every time they would make a reference to an inside joke or when Easter eggs appeared, such as nods to their song “Bouncy”, Wooyoung’s aegyo and Yeosang's “judgemental” response to it.

ATEEZ chose to perform songs that they rarely include in their setlists but were highly requested by fans. Thus, the fanmeeting kicked off with “Feeling Like I Do” setting the mood for an exciting and engaging journey. “Twilight” and “Stay” followed creating a nostalgic atmosphere with San’s and Jongho’s mesmerizing vocals captivating everyone’s attention.

The evening continued with the “ATINY’s playlist” segment, featuring dance challenges that were highly requested. The most iconic of these was the 2024 version of the “Pick It Up” choreography, which originally put the then-named “KQ Fellaz” on the map as idols whose superior dancing abilities allowed them to cover their faces with caps and still steal the show. To say that the crowd went wild is an understatement. The group didn’t hesitate to indulge fans with a variety of popular challenges including, “Maniac” by VIVIZ, “Armageddon” by aespa, "How Sweet" by NewJeans, "Boom Boom Bass” by RIIZE, “My House" by 2PM, “View” by SHINee and “Growl” by EXO. 

The members also took turns covering other viral dance challenges, such as the “Like I do” challenge, “Toca Toca” by Flying Project, the “Cat on the Han River” challenge, “POKÉDANCE” and naturally the infamous ASMRZ challenge, as requested by ATINY, who teasingly noted that everyone on the planet has tried these challenges except ATEEZ. The response was once again wild, and whenever the crowd suggested repeating the challenge or having all the members give it a try, ATEEZ would deliver without hesitation. Seonghwa notably stole the show with his impressive girl group dance covers, demonstrating his dedication and seriousness in everything he does, even when the task at hand is simply to have fun and be silly.

Following this segment, the group performed “Time of Love”. However, the highlight of the evening was a series of special covers, starting with a heartfelt rendition of SEVENTEEN's "Pretty U". Adding to the sentiment, ATEEZ surprised fans with a sneak peek of a dance practice video of the song from their trainee days—a rare sight that left the audience deeply moved. The nostalgic performance of SNSD's "Into The New World" by Yeosang, Wooyoung, and Jongho evoked memories of unforgettable times, and the sincerity of their performance deeply captivated our hearts. While Jongho's vocals were impressive as expected, it was refreshing to hear Yeosang and Wooyoung showcase their delicate yet powerful vocals as well.

If some members of the audience were still composed, the entire venue erupted when Seonghwa, Yunho, and San performed "Diamond" by Sparkling a special treat for die-hard fans and an ongoing inside joke following the trio's roles in the drama “Imitation”. They then continued with a playful dance cover of Orange Caramel's "Magic Girl” and everyone appeared to be in their element, except for San, in the best way possible. His recent participation in Alta Moda and Alta Sartoria events with Dolce & Gabbana and his overall powerful image, contrasted starkly with the sight of him covering a girl group dance. This duality left everyone questioning if this was the same person. Nevertheless, he proceeded with the performance, stating his commitment to the fans, and his initial reluctance only endeared him further to the audience.

The show was far from over. Hongjoong and Mingi's cover of GD and T.O.P's "Don’t Go Home" was a standout moment, showcasing their charisma and rap skills. It was another nod to Hongjoong’s viral pre-debut performance of the song, but this time it came to life in a polished version, serving as a fun homage to the OG rap duo that Hongjoong always cites as artistic inspiration. Mingi, on the other hand, commanded the audience, who screamed at the top of their lungs every time he made a move on stage. They both handed flowers to the audience, a delightful detail that served as the ultimate fan service.

Adding a layer of engagement, the fanmeeting included a Team A vs. Team Z game segment. This allowed the members to showcase their competitive spirits and interact directly with their fans, creating memorable and entertaining moments. They prompted the audience to choose a team and even though the members came to a conclusion of their own, judging by the fans’ response it could have been nothing but a tie.

The second half of the fanmeeting was filled with powerful tracks, starting with "Desire", "Fever" and "WORK". “Desire”, a clear fan-favorite (or "Queen Desire" as popularized on X), left everyone speechless, anticipating the key moment of Hongjoong's signature "break your neck" choreography point. “Fever” was an uplifting break and an opportunity to enjoy the group’s vocal skills before “WORK” came on and the entire venue sang along as if their lives depended on it. In an unexpected turn of events, ATEEZ performed “BOUNCY” while completely dressed as their mascots “ANITEEZ”, providing a unique twist on their popular song.

As the event drew to a close, ATEEZ performed some of their most beloved tracks, including "Star 1117", "Promise", "The Real", "Wave", and "Dreamy Day". The members matched the dress code of the event on both days and during the performances of the last three songs, they interacted closely with the audience, going as far as the third floor to take videos with their phones, sitting among them and shaking hands, leaving fans with cherished memories of the event.

ATEEZ's 2024 FANMEETING <ATINY’S VOYAGE: FROM A TO Z> in Seoul was a testament to the group's dedication to their fans and their ability to deliver diverse and engaging performances. The blend of original songs, special covers, and interactive segments made for an unforgettable experience. Prompting the audience to look back on these moments, from coordinated attire to shared experiences and group activities, ATEEZ effortlessly fostered a connection with ATINY in their own unique way.

It was truly heartening to witness a group known for their stage presence and professionalism also embrace moments of spontaneity and genuine fan interaction. ATEEZ's dedication to fan service underscores their professionalism, demonstrating their commitment to every endeavor they undertake. By integrating the "Tiny University" theme, ATEEZ enhanced the fanmeeting experience, turning it into more than just a concert, but a significant event in the ATEEZ universe. All in all, it was a heartwarming experience that bridged the gap between the now seemingly untouchable group and their dedicated fandom, who longed for an intimate moment with the once small group they had fallen in love with.



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