Jimmy & Weesa of PSYCHIC FEVER Drop Latest Hit, "Perfect"

Prepare to be captivated once again as Jimmy and Weesa, the dynamic duo from Psychic Fever of EXILE TRIBE, unleash their latest masterpiece, "Perfect". Following the viral sensations of "Just Like Dat” feat. JP THE WAVY, and the infectious beats of "BEE-PO", the duo continues to push boundaries and redefine their artistic horizons.

"Perfect" isn't just a song; it's a sonic journey crafted with a Jersey club beat infused with smooth R&B vibes. Jimmy's slick rap verses showcase his lyrical prowess, complemented perfectly by Weesa's distinctive vocals that resonate deeply with listeners.

Behind the scenes, the production of "Perfect" is nothing short of excellence. Elione and Nvmbrrr, along with the producer behind chart-topping hits like "Temperature", collaborate seamlessly to create a masterpiece that stays true to Psychic Fever's signature sound while pushing it to new heights. The result? A track that not only captivates but also highlights the duo's evolution as artists.

Fans of Psychic Fever, known fondly as the "ForEVER" faithful, have more reasons to celebrate. The group recently announced their inaugural performance in Paris at Japan Expo Paris 2024, promising an unforgettable experience for fans around the world.

As the momentum builds, Psychic Fever continues to set stages ablaze worldwide with their ASIA TOUR 2024 "HEAT". From their electrifying debut at Singapore's Music Matters Live to the recent release of their EP "Psychic File II", Jimmy and Weesa are proving themselves as formidable players in the global music arena.


Emerging in July 2022 as the seventh group from Japan's EXILE TRIBE under LDH JAPAN, PSYCHIC FEVER is composed of KOKORO, WEESA, TSURUGI, RYOGA, REN, JIMMY, and RYUSHIN. Each member brings a unique blend of talents in dance, vocals, and rap, solidifying their reputation as a powerhouse in the music scene.

Stay updated with their latest successes on social media and be sure to catch "Perfect" on all major streaming platforms. With Jimmy and Weesa at the helm, Psychic Fever is poised to ignite hearts and minds worldwide!

Psychic Fever on Facebook: facebook.com/psyfe.official

Psychic Fever on Instagram: @psyfe_official

Psychic Fever on Twitter: @psyfe_member

Psychic Fever on TikTok: @psyfe_official

Psychic Fever on Youtube: youtube.com/c/PSYCHICFEVER


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